Village Manager


The Village Manager is a Charter Position of the Village who functions as the Chief Executive Officer. All Village employees except for the Village Attorney and Village Clerk report to the Village Manager who runs the day to day operation of the Village.

The Village Manager is appointed and works for the Village Council. He is responsible for submitting the annual Operating and Capital budgets to the Council as well as providing reports and recommendations to the Council.


Our Village Manager is Tom Benton who has worked for the Village since 1972. During his forty plus years of service with the Village he has held many positions starting out as a maintenance worker at the Country Club. He has held the positions of Street Supervisor, Director of Public Works, and Assistant Village Manager. In May of 1998 Mr. Benton was appointed Village Manager.


Mr. Benton has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Florida International University. He is a past president of the local chapter of the American Public Works Association and the Miami-Dade City County Manager Association.