Village Attorney

The Village Attorney serves as the legal representative for the Village government and is appointed by the Village Council. The Attorney counsels the Administration and Village Council on any legal matters that may arise.
The Attorney offers legal opinions regarding interpretation of the Village Code of Ordinances and Florida Statutes, represents the Village in any litigation, reviews contracts and agreements and assists in the development of ordinances and resolutions.




Richard Sarafan

Village Attorney


Please contact the Village Clerk’s Office in order to reach the Village Attorney


Village Attorney Frequently Asked Questions

1. As a Miami Shores resident, will the Village Attorney assist me in legal matters?

The Village Attorney does not work for the individual residents of Miami Shores. The Village Attorney is contracted to represent the Village Council and provide legal representation as directed by the Council.


2. Does the Village Attorney have an office at Village Hall?

The Village Attorney does not have an office at Village Hall, as he maintains a private, separate law practice in downtown Miami.