Sanitation & Recycling

 Garbage Collection

Date of Bulk Pick-up and Designated Pick-up Area 

On February 12,  the Trash Division will be in Areas 5 &  7 












 Bulk Pick-Up Areas

The Sanitation Division is responsible for the management and disposition of all non-hazardous solid waste generated by Miami Shores Village residents and businesses. Curb side recycling, commercial and residential garbage collection and bulk trash removal services constitute the Division's focus.  Annually, the Division transports approximately Over 12,000 tons of refuse to local disposal facilities and reduces hundreds of tons of plant material waste to biodegradable mulch. The Division has 22 full-time employees. 

Garbage Collection


Please set garbage in sturdy and tightly covered containers in your alleyway by 6:30 a.m. on collection days. If you have no alley, please have cans accessible for side or back yard pickup. Containers should not exceed 50 pounds when full.


To find out what days your garbage will be picked-up, simply locate your residence on the map.

Garbage Schedule  Download Printable Version

Recycling Collection


Recyclables must be placed in the recycling bin provided by the Village curbside by 6:30 a.m. on your scheduled recycling collection day. Recyclable material should be co-mingled in one bin which will be sorted at the truck. Additional bins or replacement bins are available by calling the Public Works Department. See Recycling Do's and Don'ts for more recycling information.


To find out what day your recycling will be picked-up, simply locate your residence on the map.

Recycling Schedule  Download Printable Version

To request a Recycling Bin, please click here.

Bulk Pick-Up:


Up to 25 cubic yards of bulk trash is collected every two to three weeks depending on the season. The Bulk Pickup Team sweeps East to West on a route through the Village. During the spring and summer months, the time between trash pick-ups is normally greater due to the increase in the amount of tree and yard debris that is put out for collection.


Each day the Sanitation Division will designate an area for Bulk Pick-up. The Sanitation Division will work to complete pick-up in that area on the designated day however due to weather, mechanical or other issues the Sanitation Division may not complete pick-up or may change the pick-up area for that day.

Bulk Pick-Up Areas


All household and yard debris needs to be placed into two separate piles in your alley (or curbside if you have no alley) by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.   

  • Bulk pick-up consists of yard waste, furniture, junk, old swing sets etc. This material is picked up on an area basis. There is no need to call us for normal items. However, if you have a large item for disposal, call us for special instructions.
  • We pick up almost anything with few exceptions. We do not pick up building material which consists of blocks or bricks, concrete, tile, drywall, boards with nails or roofing material for example. We do not pick up hazardous waste which consists of car batteries, wet paint, pesticides, herbicides or any other chemicals. We especially DO NOT pick up any hazardous material of any sort.  We do not pick up car parts.
  • Long items (2X4's), branches, pvc pipe, must be cut to no longer than 5 foot lengths and 2 inch diameters.
  • Leaves and small items must be bagged.
  • We pick up white goods (washers, dryers and refrigerators) furniture, TVs, old cabinets and carpet.

For questions regarding bulk pick-up, please call (305)795-2210, Monday - Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m..

Holiday Schedule:

Garbage, recycling and bulk pick-up collection is made on all scheduled days, including holidays except Christmas Day, December 25th. Please see schedule above.

Sanitation Fees

Sanitation fees are included in the annual Miami-Dade County property tax notice.

Recycling Do's & Don'ts

Recycle Do's
  • Place all materials in the recycle bin to be sorted at the truck.
  • Recycle all colors, sizes and shapes of number 1-3 plastics .
  • Recycle all magazines, and newspapers including inserts. Please keep paper dry if possible.
  • Recycle all white school and office papers.
  • Recycle steel (all metal) food containers and all aluminum beverage containers.
  • Recycle cardboard cut up to fit in bin (2' X 3') and small cardboard containers such as cereal boxes, juice boxes and cardboard milk cartons.
  • Crush all recyclable containers.
  • Remove all metal lids, caps and rings from all containers.
  • Rinse and dry all containers.
  • Place paper at the bottom of the bin to prevent littering.



Recycle Don'ts
  • Do Not recycle plastic containers that held motor oil, petroleum products, pesticides, herbicides or pool chemicals.
  • Do Not recycle batteries.
  • Do Not recycle paint containers.
  • Do Not recycle aerosol cans.
  • Do Not recycle container lids with rubber seals.
  • Do Not recycle aluminum foil, trays, plates, pans, pots or window frames.
  • Do Not recycle large cardboard boxes. Do not recycle pizza boxes.


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