Parks and Recreation Maintenance

The Parks Division maintains the grounds and landscaping needs for all Village non-recreational facilities, rights-of-way areas, plants and thousands of trees throughout Miami Shores.

The Division maintains dozens of automated and manual irrigation systems, develops and cares for approximately 100 specialized plant beds and over 50 barricade landscapes. The Division routinely accomplishes both beautification and irrigation capital improvement upgrades or projects to enhance the image of " The Village Beautiful."


The Recreation Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department with two full-time employees maintains the exterior recreational facilities (multipurpose field , Tot-Lot playground, basketball, tennis courts, etc...). Due to the specialized care these facilities require, these employees require specialized training and equipment to carry out this function and ensure safe playing conditions for our residents.


In addition, these employees support an aggressive program of special events throughout the year such as Spring Concerts in Memorial Park, Unity Day, Memorial Day, and so on, setting up and supporting each activity in an outstanding manner.