Village Council Meeting Minutes - October 18, 2016



The October 18, 2016 Council Meeting was held at the Village Hall and called to order at 6:32 PM with the following individuals present:

PRESENT:                        Alice Burch

                                           Steven Zelkowitz (arrived at 6:36 PM)                                    

MacAdam Glinn

                                           Herta Holly

                                           Ivonne Ledesma

ALSO PRESENT:             Tom Benton, Village Manager

                                           Barbara Estep, Village Clerk

                                           Richard Sarafan, Village Attorney





1)           VILLAGE CLERK                                                                                  Barbara A. Estep



Councilwoman Holly moved approval of the minutes as submitted. Councilwoman Ledesma seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

In order to allow time for Vice Mayor Zelkowitz to arrive, agenda items were taken out of order. Item 1I was considered following 1A.


Ms. Estep advised that Councilwoman Holly currently sits on the Green Corridor Board representing the Village. Councilwoman Holly indicated that she would be pleased to continue serving on the Board. Councilwoman Ledesma moved to reappoint Councilwoman Holly to the Green Corridor Board. Councilman Glinn seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

Vice Mayor Zelkowitz arrived at this point in time.

Village Manager, Tom Benton requested that an item be added to the published agenda relating to the design drawings for the community center project. Councilwoman Holly moved to add the item to the agenda as an emergency item. Councilwoman Ledesma seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion. Mr. Benton then explained the item, indicating that the top ranked firm of Bermello Ajamil had submitted a cost of $22,000 to provide schematic drawings and building elevation drawings for the purpose of assisting the Village develop promotional materials for the bond issue question which will be scheduled for a vote during the April, 2017 Council Election. Councilwoman Ledesma moved to approve the cost and agreement with Bermello Ajamil. Councilwoman Holly seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.


Applicants:          Robert Abramitis              John Arrastia              John Berryman

                             Gladys Coia                       Michael Compo         Irene Hegedus

                             Hugo Mijares                    Nicolas Penzo                   Sid Reese

Michelle Saporiti              Bob Smith                  David Snow

Misters Abramitis, Arrastia, Berryman, Compo, Smith and Snow, as well as Ms. Coia and Ms. Hegedus spoke on their own behalf. Ms. Saporiti withdrew her name from consideration for appointment to the Planning & Zoning Board.

Councilwoman Ledesma spoke about the number of qualified candidates that had submitted their applications for review. Paper ballots were voted for fill two vacancies and while Ms. Estep was completing the tally sheet, Vice Mayor Zelkowitz moved to limit the presentations to allow for individuals to speak only once rather than multiple times regardless of the number of board an individual applied for. Councilman Glinn seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

The results of the balloting are as follows:

MacAdam Glinn                              John Berryman                                 Irene Hegedus

Herta Holly                                      Robert Abramitis                             Michael Compo

Ivonne Ledesma                               Irene Hegedus                                  David Snow

Steven Zelkowitz                             Gladys Coia                                     Irene Hegedus

Alice Burch                                      Irene Hegedus                                  David Snow

Ms. Hegedus was appointed to the Board. A second ballot was voted with the following results:

MacAdam Glinn                              Michael Compo

Herta holly                                       Robert Abramitis

Ivonne Ledesma                               David Snow

Steven Zelkowitz                             David Snow

Alice Burch                                      David Snow

Mr. Snow was appointed to the Planning & Zoning Board.

C)         APPOINTMENTS TO THE CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD (Three vacancies)                                        Applicants:          John Arrastia                     John Berryman                           Kimberly Bruce

                             Gladys Coia                       John Farina                        Barry Perl

                             Bob Smith                         David Snow       

Due to his appointment to the Planning & Zoning Board, Mr. Snow’s name was removed from the list of applicants. Misters Farina, Perl and Smith, as well as Ms. Bruce spoke on their own behalf. Council Members voted paper ballots for three candidates.

MacAdam Glinn                Kimberly Bruce                 Gladys Coia                       Bob Smith

Herta Holly                        John Arrastia                     Kimberly Bruce                 Barry Perl

Ivonne Ledesma                Kimberly Bruce                 John Farina                        Bob Smith

Steven Zelkowitz              John Berryman                  Kimberly Bruce                 Gladys Coia

Alice Burch                       Gladys Coia                       John Farina                        Bob Smith

Ms. Kimberly Bruce, Ms. Gladys Coia and Mr. Bob Smith were appointed to the Code Enforcement Board.


              Applicants:          Kristen Adsit                     Charles Humphries              Lorena Bracho-Mijares

                                           Bob Smith                         Isadora Velazquez

Mr. Bob Smith, having been appointed to the Code Enforcement Board, was taken off the list for consideration. Ms. Adsit was present and spoke on her own behalf. Council Members voted paper ballots to fill the two vacancies.

MacAdam Glinn                              Kristen Adsit                     Isadora Velazquez

Herta Holly                                      Kristen Adsit                     Charles Humphries

Ivonne Ledesma                               Kristen Adsit                     Charles Humphries

Steven Zelkowitz                             Kristen Adsit                     Lorena Bracho-Mijares

Alice Burch                                      Kristen Adsit                     Lorena Bracho-Mijares

Ms. Adsit was appointed to the Historic Preservation Board on ballot #1. A second ballot was voted to fill the remaining vacancies. Ms. Estep advised the Council that Ms. Lorena Bracho-Mijares did not meet the minimum residency requirement which was enacted earlier this year and the procedure to follow should the Council wish to further consider her application. Council Members voted a second ballot on which Mr. Charles Humphries received votes from all five Council Members. Mr. Humphries was appointed to the Historic Preservation Board.



              Applicants:          Anna Blackman                 Lauren Cortinas                Karen Smith-Gulskey                                                                Gayle Mercado                  Michelle Saporiti              Isadora Velazquez                                                                      Dean Watson                     Steven Weber                    Ken Whittaker

Ms. Blackman, Ms. Cortinas, Ms. Smith-Gulskey, Ms. Mercado, Ms. Saporiti and Mr. Steven Weber were present and spoke on their own behalf.   Paper ballots were voted to fill the vacancies the results of which are as follows:

Herta Holly                        Blackman            Smith-Gulskey                  Saporiti              Weber                  Whittaker

MacAdam Glinn                Blackman            Cortinas                                           Smith-GulskeySaporiti                Weber

Ivonne Ledesma                Blackman            Cortinas                                           Saporiti              Weber                  Whittaker

Steven Zelkowitz              Blackman            Cortinas                                           Smith-GulskeySaporiti                Weber

Alice Burch                       Blackman            Cortinas                                           Smith-GulskeyMercado              Saporiti

Ms. Blackman, Ms. Cortinas, Mr. Smith-Gulskey, Ms. Saporiti and Mr. Weber were appointed to the Recreation Advisory Board.


              Applicants:          Charles Humphries           Lorena Bracho-Mijares

Due to his appointment to the Historic Preservation Board, Mr. Humphries’ was no longer under consideration for the Fine Arts Commission. Vice Mayor Zelkowitz moved to waive the minimum one year residency requirement in order to appoint Ms. Bracho-Mijares to the Fine Arts Commission. Councilwoman Holly seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion. Ms. Bracho-Mijares was appointed to the Fine Arts Commission.


Applicants:         John Arrastia                     Mark Gallo                 Marty Mennes

                             Sam Michels                      Pedro Rajo                 Richard Raymond

Misters Gallo, Mennes, Michels, Rajo and Raymond were present and spoke on their own behalf. Council Members voted paper ballots to fill the three vacancies. The results are as follows:

MacAdam Glinn                Mark Gallo                        Marty Mennes                    Sam Michels

Herta Holly                        Mark Gallo                        Marty Mennes                    Richard Raymond

Ivonne Ledesma                Mark Gallo                        Pedro Rajo                        Richard Raymond

Steven Zelkowitz              John Arrastia                     Mark Gallo                        Marty Mennes

Alice Burch                       Mark Gallo                        Sam Michels                      Richard Raymond

Misters Gallo, Mennes and Raymond were appointed to the Country Club Advisory Board.

              H)          APPOINTMENTS TO THE PERSONNEL APPEALS BOARD (Two vacancies)

                             Applicants:          Patricia Gispert                 Evie Iles                            Isadora Velazquez

Ms. Gispert was present and spoke on her own behalf. Council Members voted paper ballots with the following results:

MacAdam Glinn                Patricia Gispert                 Isadora Velazquez

Herta Holly                        Patricia Gispert                 Evie Isles

Ivonne Ledesma                Evie Isles                           Isadora Velazquez

Steven Zelkowitz              Patricia Gispert                 Evie Isles

Alice Burch                       Patricia Gispert                 Isadora Velazquez

Following the vote it was determined that Ms. Velazquez currently holds a seat on the Personnel Appeals Board. Therefore, Ms. Gispert and Ms. Isles were appointed to the Board to fill the two currently open seats.

2)           ANNOUNCEMENTS

Ms. Estep read the announcements into the record.


3)             PUBLIC COMMENTS

Bob Smith           Mr. Smith thanked the Council for the support in reappointing him to the Historic Preservation Board and spoke of the possibility of forming a Historical Society.

Kelly Andrews    Dr. Andrews, Executive Director for the Charter School advised that the Council had received the School’s budget and stated that the School is in good shape and moving forward. She welcomed Council Members to visit the School.

Ethan Toth          Mr. Toth attended the meeting as a school assignment and stated that it was an interesting experience for him.

John Farina         Mr. Farina spoke of new resident information distribution.

4)             COUNCIL COMMENTS

Herta Holly                        Councilwoman Holly spoke of the Miami Shores Alliance MargaritaVillage event and the amount of work that the Village undertakes for storm preparation and the excellent job they do to safeguard the Village’s properties.

MacAdam Glinn                Councilman Glinn echoed Councilwoman Holly’s comments regarding the storm preparation. He further thanked those individuals applying for board appointments. Councilman Glinn spoke of the devastating effect Hurricane Matthew had on Haiti and indicated that there were donation boxes set up at Village facilities for needed supplies.

Ivonne Ledesma                Councilwoman Ledesma thanked Councilman Glinn for bringing the Haitian relief efforts forward. Councilwoman Ledesma also expressed her appreciation for the great applicants that applied for the board appointments.

Steven Zelkowitz              Vice Mayor Zelkowitz thanked the applicants and those individuals that were not reappointed, specifically Robert Abramitis that he served on the Planning & Zoning Board with and who stayed throughout the meeting.

Alice Burch                       Mayor Burch thanked resident John Farina for assisting the Village with a number of issues when called upon and also thanked Robert Abramitis for his years of service on the Planning & Zoning Board. Mayor Burch also highlighted a few points from her recent memo on her attendance at various workshops and meetings relating to climate change.

5)             ADJOURNMENT

The October 18, 2016 Council Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.


                                                                                                     Alice Burch, Mayor


Barbara A. Estep, MMC

Village Clerk