Village Council Meeting Minutes - February 3, 2015



The Miami Shores Village Council held their regularly scheduled Council Meeting on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 in the Council Chambers of Village Hall. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM with the following individuals present:

PRESENT:                        Herta Holly                                                   

                                           Jesse Walters

                                           Hunt Davis

                                           Ivonne Ledesma

                                           Jim McCoy

ALSO PRESENT:             Tom Benton Village Manager

                                           Barbara Estep, Village Clerk

ABSENT:                          Richard Sarafan (absent due to illness)



Presentation and discussion regarding the downtown water and sewer project start-up. Mr. Benton spoke briefly about the project and indicated that various representatives from the engineering team and construction team were present to provide information to the Council and answer questions. Mr. Scott Davis, the Village’s Public Works Director, introduced Frank Alonso and José Nessie from TY Lin, Richard Crow and Marlin John from Layne Heavy Civil, and Randy Bell and Mark Bridges from the grinder pump company.

Mr. Alonso representing TY Lin addressed the Council, outlining TY Lin’s role as the Village’s representative during the construction phase of the project. He provided information to the Council regarding the project design of a low pressure sewer system which will include small pump stations on each property which will then be transported to a larger pump station at N.E. 97th Street. Mr. Alonso indicated that the system is designed to accommodate the current uses of the downtown businesses but there is built-in capacity to allow for maximum use with only minor retrofits. Mr. Alonso spoke also of the 12” water line that would be installed and will meet the County Code requirements for potable water and fire flow.  

Mr. Crow representing Layne Heavy Civil offered information regarding the company’s experience with low pressure sewer installations and referenced their project in the Florida Keys. He spoke of the company philosophy of approaching construction and involving the community in the process, plans for the project and timely notices. Mr. Crow indicated that the project plans were close to complete and then permitting through the County would begin and construction is scheduled to begin in June. He stated that construction would start at the south-west side of the project and proceed north and then the project would shift to the south-east side and work north once again. Mr. Crow confirmed that it would be the landowner’s responsibility to hook up to the system once the project is completed.

Mr. Randy Bell, a representative from the pump manufacturing firm, spoke of the reliability and endurance of the grinder pumps.



1)           VILLAGE CLERK                                                                                   Barbara A. Estep


Councilman Davis moved approval of the January 6, and January 27, Council Meeting minutes as presented. Councilman McCoy seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

2)                  ANNOUNCEMENTS

Ms. Estep read the announcements into the record.


Xavier PeresregoMr. Peresrego spoke of the sewer infrastructure and future maintenance.

Julio Martinez                   Mr. Martinez spoke of the sanitary sewer installation project.


Ivonne Ledesma                Councilwoman Ledesma spoke of the Charter School’s Evening in the Courtyard event.

Jesse Walters                     Vice Mayor Walters spoke of the trains new horn systems and the railroad’s quiet crossings which are scheduled to go into effect in the spring. Vice Mayor Walters also spoke of blue light program to show support of the police department.

Jim McCoy                        No Comment.

Hunt Davis                        Councilman Davis spoke of the Evening in the Courtyard event and spoke of the Community Center feasibility study and the Multimodal Mobility study that are in the beginning stages. He also reminded people about Unity Day.

Herta Holly                        Mayor Holly urged people to check the newsletter and Village website for the many events coming up.

5)         ADJOURNMENT

The February 3, 2015 Council Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.


_________________________                                                            Herta Holly, Mayor

Barbara A. Estep, MMC

Village Clerk