Council Visioning Session Minutes - April 23, 2016



The Miami Shores Village Council conducted a Council Visioning Session on Saturday, April 23, 2016 at the C. Lawton McCall Community Center. The Session began at 9:05 AM with the following individuals present:

PRESENT:                   Alice Burch

                                    Steven Zelkowitz

                                    Mac Glinn

                                    Herta Holly

ALSO PRESENT:        Tom Benton, Village Manager

                                    Barbara Estep, Village Clerk

                                    Richard Sarafan, Village Attorney

ABSENT:                     Ivonne Ledesma (letter of explanation read at the start of the Session).

Dr. Robert Lee facilitated the Session, who opened the meeting talking about the process for the Session and a general statement regarding local government.

Mayor Burch requested input from those residents in attendance:

Julian Montero        Mr. Montero spoke of the need for a new community center and his belief that Miami Shores has an image problem.

Douglas Barnes        Mr. Barnes spoke of concerns regarding climate change and sea level rise.

Jack Efromson          Mr. Efromson spoke of the community’s desire for a dog park and possible incentives for downtown landlords to lease to retail/restaurants rather than general office purposes.

Kim Flower                Ms. Flower indicated that landlords are not willing to invest in their buildings and spoke of the need for small retail businesses in downtown.

George Fishman      Mr. Fishman talked about climate friendly landscaping and the need for education in best practices.

Janet Goodman       Ms. Goodman spoke of her priorities of a new community center and a dog park.

Bob Domlesky          Mr. Domlesky spoke of sustainability and sea level rise and the need for common sense codes.

Through a number of exercises during which Council Members identified and expounded on their priorities, a list of five priorities was developed and refined. Council Members discussed the points at length and indicated that the priorities were equal in importance, with no one priority seen as more or less important as the next.

The priorities are as follows:

  • Continue to ensure that public safety (police, lighting, traffic – calming and pathways) is continually improved through technology and application of “applicable” best practices, including a plan for climate change.
  • Improve the esthetics and effectiveness of public and private spaces – Community Center, Dog Park, Library and 9900 NE 2nd Avenue building.
  • Promote the image of the Village as a place to live, work and invest through branding and marketing.
  • Maintain a fiscally sustainable and responsible budget and expand the Village tax base and alternative revenue sources.
  • Focus on downtown development to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Additional public comment was invited prior to adjourning the Session.

Mary Benton                   Ms. Benton spoke of the importance of sustainability and including individuals that want to participate.

Daisy Black                       Ms. Black spoke of the process followed during the Session.

Jack Efromson                 Mr. Efromson spoke of traffic calming and more police presence – asked the question of what type of police department the Village wants.

The Council Visioning Session was adjourned at 12:10 PM.


Barbara A. Estep, MMC

Village Clerk