Council Budget Workshop Minutes - July 12, 2016



The Miami Shores Village Council met on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 to conduct their Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budget Workshop at the Community Center. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM with the following members present:

PRESENT:                 Alice Burch

                               Steven Zelkowitz (arrived at 7:15 PM due a scheduling conflict)

Mac Glinn

Herta Holly

                               Ivonne Ledesma

ALSO PRESENT:        Tom Benton, Village Manager

                               Holly Hugdahl, Finance Director

                               Elizabeth Keeley, Communications Specialist

                               Sarah Simpson, Accountant II

                               Leonor Rosario, Human Resources

Mayor Burch called the meeting to order. Mr. Benton reviewed the Village’s revenue projections.

Councilwoman Ledesma initiated a discussion regarding the proposed COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) increases versus a merit/performance review process for salary increases.

The Village Council reviewed the individual Departmental Budgets. The following Departments were discussed with the Department Heads providing information relevant to their respective budgets and responding to specific questions posed by Council.   Public Comment was invited following the presentation of each department. Departments were discussed in the following order:

          Planning & Zoning Department                   Public Works Department

Building Department                                 Mayor & Council

Code Enforcement Department                   Village Attorney

Brockway Library                                      Village Clerk

Recreation Department                             Village Manager

          Police Department                                    Finance Department



Further explanation of the Police Department personnel costs was requested, specifically relating to the new contract benefit costs and accruals. In addition, a correction to the Public Works Assistant Director position cost should be included in the budget prior to adoption. By consensus, the Council asked that $5,000 in discretionary funding remain in the 2017 budget; and the possibility of including additional funds in the Village Manager budget for lobbyist services.

Following the presentations, the Council discussed the proposed millage rate, a performance review for the Village Manager and the Mainstreet Program.  

The Council reached a consensus to accept the proposed operating ad valorem tax levy of 7.9 mills and 0.5054 mills for the debt service tax levy, which will be confirmed with the adoption of a Resolution at the July 19, 2016 Regular Council Meeting.  

The July 12, 2016 Budget Workshop on the proposed Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budget was adjourned at 9:37 PM.


                                                                                  Alice Burch, Mayor


Barbara A. Estep, MMC

Village Clerk