Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Minutes - June 3, 2013


JUNE 3, 2013

Members present:        Kendra Borja                Kristin David Cawn      Mick Digeronimo

Jonathan Meltz             William Reich               Christia Alou White                  

Ken Whittaker             Bill Wolk                                                          


Members absent:         Amy Wiborg                            

Also present:                Jerry Estep, Recreation Director

Leslie Rackl, Executive Assistant

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

Mr. Wolk made a motion to approve the minutes of the May 6, 2013, meeting. Motion seconded by Ms. Alou and unanimously approved.

Mr. Estep gave a summary of the recreation programs at this time, noting that the main summer camp has 80 registered at this time. The sports camps will be holding camp at St. Rose’s gym and the gymnastics camp will be held at Doctor’s Charter School. It was noted that Lego camp and America’s Got Talent camp are already full. There will be 29 different camps held throughout the summer. The first dive in theater will be held on June 21, with a bike ride departing from the pool at 6:30 and the movie following the ride. It was related that umbrella rentals at the pool were slow in March and April, but June is scheduled to be very busy. Mr. Estep noted that next year, in return for our use of Barry’s lighted fields, we will give their camps usage of the pool at no charge.

Mr. Estep noted that the passage of Obamacare will impact our summer camps next year. Summer camp employees can work only 25 hours a week or the Village would be required to pay health insurance for that employee. Next summer the recreation department will need to hire double the number of staff they hire this year.

Mr. Estep related that the chains on the swings at the Tot Lot are being changed out, but all the work is covered under warranty.

Mr. Wolk suggested using the Country Club to cater pool parties to give renters different choices besides hot dogs and pizza. It was noted that this could become cost prohibitive for many people.

Mr. Estep noted that the recreation department is looking into raising nonresident fees in the fall by $15-$20. It was related that sponsorships were between 80%-85% for sports teams last year.

The Committee members were encouraged to solicit sponsorships for the November 3rd 5K race.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.