Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Minutes - February 3, 2014


FEBRUARY 3, 2014

Members present:   Christia Alou White            Kristin David Cawn          

Jonathan Meltz                 Michael O’Hara

William Reich                    Ken Whittaker                                                 Bill Wolk


Members absent:    Kendra Borja                     Amy Wiborg                      

Also present:           Jerry Estep, Recreation Director

Leslie Rackl, Executive Assistant

David Batchelder, Shores Tackle Football League

Andres Bejerano, Shores Tackle Football League

Jose Rigalado, Miami Extreme League

Genessys Villalba, Barry University

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

Ms. Cawn made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 4, 2013, meeting. Motion seconded by Ms. Alou and unanimously approved.

Mr. Estep gave a summary of the recreation programs at this time. The basketball program has 235 enrolled, flag football has 50 enrolled and aftercare has 75 enrolled. It was noted that Winterfest had 2,000 in attendance with 700 wristbands sold. Over 100 people attended the Village’s caroling event. Mr. Estep related that 200 people attended the Fine Arts’ Muppet Movie event and 100 attended Gallery Night.

At this time Mr. O’Hara was introduced as the Committee’s newest member.

Ms. Villalba from Barry University was introduced at this time. Barry has sponsored the Gobble Wobble 5K race, which is the kickoff event for Barry’s Founders Week. Barry would like to expand their 5K and join together with Miami Shores’ 5K. The Gobble Wobble has about 130 runners with bounce houses and food. Barry is looking for this student-based event to become a community event. They are flexible on dates. Barry’s 5K does not hire a timing company for their race. Flippany was the Gobble Wobble’s sponsor, with profits from the race going to Flippany. Barry’s fee is $15/adults and $10/students. The Gobble Wobble has a stipend of $1500 from Barry, and they had a $2500 profit after the event. Mr. Meltz suggested that a subcommittee be formed to discuss a possible joint 5K with Ms. Villalba. Mr. Estep said that Miami Shores started with no budget and raised money for the race through sponsorships.

Mr. Reich made a motion to form a 5K subcommittee with a minimum of two members and maximum of four members. Motion seconded by Mr. Wolk and unanimously approved. Ms. Alou, Mr. Meltz and Mr. Whittaker volunteered to be on the 5K subcommittee. Ms. Alou said that she was approached by El Portal to have a joint 5K race this coming May (5K Military Run). Ms. Villalba left the meeting at this time.

Discussion turned to Shores Spartans Youth Tackle Football. Mr. Batchelder introduced himself to Committee. He noted that his children have been playing tackle football for the past two years in North Miami Beach as well as flag/travel football in Miami Shores and would like to bring tackle football back to the Shores.   Mr. Batchelder is looking to build Shores Spartans Tackle Football and Cheerleading with registrations at Unity Day. Mr. Batchelder would like the tackle football to be part of the Miami Extreme League which has 17 different parks in their league. Three teams are needed to join the Miami Extreme League. The tackle football team will be practicing at Miami Country Day until October. Country Day will also allow the league to use their fields for games. Country Day is not charging any fees. Mr. Batchelder is asking Biscayne Park for the use of their recreation fields for practice but has not received a commitment as of yet. Tackle football season is June through October for ages 6-15, with the most interest in ages 8-12. Tackle football is an age/weight based program. The registration fee is $300, with the majority of the money going towards uniforms, equipment and building the program. All the coaches are either students or volunteers. The Miami Extreme League is part of the Orange Bowl Committee, which provides $2500. Next year the Shores Spartans can apply for a grant of $10,000. Mr. Batchelder would eventually like to use the grant money for goal posts on the Shores Recreation fields. Mr. Batchelder would like to address any tackle football concerns including head injuries. Practice time is about one and half hours. Mr. Estep said that the recreation department does not have available space in Oct/Nov due to travel baseball/travel soccer as well as the intramural soccer program, in addition to the overuse of the fields. Mr. Estep said that the open field next to Doctors Charter School is vacant. Another option is the Art Teele Park which is not being utilized.

Mr. Estep noted that there Unity Day is from 11 am – 4 pm this year. Mr. Estep has requested that the Committee sell soda/water in the Coke trailer this year. There will also be funnel cake sold.

Mr. Estep said that the Holiday Light Contest will be cancelled. The winners of past contests did not show up at the Council meeting to collect their certificates.

Mr. Estep said that the pool has undergone a major remodeling. The lane lines in the comp pool have been regrouted. $52,000 has been spent on Shipwreck Cove regelcoating and painting the slides as well as structure remodeling and redoing metal work. This repair will last 10-15 years after it is completed.

In regards to the 5K program Mr. Estep suggested giving Barry students a reduced rate for their runners. Mr. Meltz suggested negotiating field use for their runners’ entries.

In regard to inquires about the Country Day swim team and their coach Megan Pittman who was let go, Mr. Estep said he is unsure why Ms. Pittman was let go. But Noemi Zaharia is the Shores’ swim team coach which is a less competitive team. Miami Shores is restructuring Ms. Zaharia’s yearly contract to include 10 ‘fun’ meets and 12 competitive meets.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.