Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Minutes- April 7, 2014

Minutes of the Recreation Advisory Committee held on April 7, 2014.

Members present:   Kendra Borja                     Kristin David Cawn          

Jonathan Meltz                 Michael O’Hara

William Reich                    Ken Whittaker                                                          

Members absent:    Christia Alou White            Amy Wiborg                      

                               Bill Wolk                           

Also present:           Jerry Estep, Recreation Director

Leslie Rackl, Executive Assistant

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Mr. O’Hara made a motion to approve the minutes of the March 10, 2014, meeting. Motion seconded by Ms. Borja and unanimously approved.

Mr. Estep gave a summary of the recreation programs at this time. The baseball program has begun with 200 registered, aftercare has 75 registered. It was noted that spring break camp had 62 registered. It was noted that Shipwreck Cove will open for weekends beginning April 12. Mr. Estep said that the Miami Shores Community Alliance pays for the helicopter for the Marshmallow Drop. A wristband system for this event is not practical. Mr. Estep noted that the next community bike ride is scheduled for April 26.

Mr. Estep said that the floor of the restroom at the Tot Lot needs to be repainted with a nonskid paint.

It was noted that on any given weekend there are 40 people playing soccer on the fields. Mr. Estep will check on the field marshall on the weekends.

Mr. Estep has put the following into capital budget improvements: irrigate Constitution Park and fence in the park, which would be used for aftercare and soccer programs; laser level the athletic fields and installing a stantrol system at the pool, which tests the chemicals automatically and adds them as needed.

Mr. O’Hara inquired about raising the rates for nonresidents at the pool, as there is not a large difference with the resident price. It was noted that the pool will be losing many of the guards this year; many are graduating and not returning. Mr. Meltz inquired about floating a bond for a new recreation center. Mr. Estep said that the pool bond will be

paid off in about four years. The Village needs to have good conceptual idea before it goes to the voters. One possibility is to build on the basketball/tennis courts and leave the present building intact for classes as it is being built. Parking will also need to be addressed. Storage is also a major issue. Two gymnasiums are needed along with a weight room. A better commercial kitchen would also be needed to accommodate rentals. It was noted that there is a three story height restriction in Miami Shores. The facility would cost between 10 – 14 million dollars. A conceptual idea for this facility is imperative for the voters. A selling campaign for this facility should be done as close as possible to the election.

It was noted that the Committee has agreed to go forward with a new recreation facility.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.