Rec Advisory Board Minutes Jan 9, 2012

Minutes of the Recreation Advisory Committee held on January 9, 2012.


Members present:       Christia Alou White                 Angela Alvero

Kendra Borja                           Kristin David Cawn

Mick Digeronimo                    Ron Marrocco

Jonathan Meltz                       William Reich

Ken Whittaker


Also present:               Jerry Estep, Recreation Director

Leslie Rackl, Executive Assistant


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.



Ms. Alou made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 7, 2011, meeting. Motion seconded by Mr. Marrocco and unanimously approved.



Mr. Estep gave a summary of the recreation programs at this time. Mr. Estep noted that there are 228 enrolled in the intramural basketball program; 29 in girls basketball; 26 for little cleats; 71 in aftercare and flag football has begun with four teams formed. Mr. Estep related that the competition pool will be resurfaced with Diamond-Brite. The estimated cost is estimated between $40,000-$50,000. The pool will need to be closed for two to three weeks during the resurfacing, with the closing targeted for February.



Discussion turned to the casino night. A proposal for the event was distributed to the Committee. It was suggested a target date of April or May for the event, which may need to be postponed until 2013. Ms. Alvaro noted that she will need the Committee’s help in securing prizes for casino night. The $75/per head cost covers the equipment rental, two drinks and hors d’oeuvres. The $75 does not include the Country Club’s cost. Sponsors will be needed to make the event profitable. The cost for the Country Club and hors d’oeuvres have yet to be determined. It was noted that the Country Club usually does not like to split alcohol profits. Mr. Estep noted that to pull off this event a commitment from all Committee members is needed and the upfront costs will run between $5000-$8000. A suggestion was made to contact other people who have had casino nights for feedback on their event. Mr. Reich suggested having the event outside with tents. Mr. Meltz thinks that the logistics of the Country Club would work better than an outside venue. After two or three free drinks, then have a cash bar.



Mr. Estep discussed with the Committee the Fine Arts acquisition of the 9/11 artifact, which is a 7 foot steel girder. A citywide fundraiser is about to be launched to raise $10,000, which will include a Plexiglas or hurricane glass enclosure for the artifact as well as installation at Memorial Park.



Discussion turned to Unity Day, which is scheduled for March 3. The Committee may be asked to man the Coke trailer this year. It was noted that in order to sell alcohol at Unity Day, a alcohol license is required and taxes would need to be paid for the total event as well as all the past Unity Days since alcohol was last sold.



Discussion turned to new business at this time. Mr. Meltz distributed a flyer announcing an upcoming 5K race in Miami Gardens. This could be a high exposure, low cost event for Miami Shores. A suggestion was made to use the Country Club golf course for the run. Another suggestion was made to end the run at the Community Center and possibly have a health fair after the event.


The meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.