November 6, 2017

Minutes of the Recreation Advisory Committee on November 6, 2017. 

Members present:                Anna Blackman                   Jeff Geimer

Manny Hadad                       Alise Henry

Jacqueline O'Donnell          Michael O'Hara

Karen Smith-Gulaskey        Steven Weber

Members absent:                 Michelle Saporiti 

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

At this time self-introductions of the Committee members were made. 

Nominations of Chair and Vice Chair were made.  Mr. Weber nominated Mr. Hadad as Chair.  Nomination was seconded by Ms. Henry and unanimously approved.   Mr. Hadad nominated Mr. Weber as Vice Chair.  Nomination was seconded by Ms. Henry and unanimously approved. 

Correction to the minutes of the October 2, 2017 meeting.  Page one; paragraph four; line one; change ‘Commission’s’ to ‘Committee’s’ and page one; paragraph five; line four; change ‘Commission’ to ‘Committee’ and ‘educate’ to ‘refresh’. Ms. Gulaskey made a motion to approve the October 2 minutes with corrections.  Motion seconded by Mr. Weber and unanimously approved. 

It was suggested adding tot lot equipment to future agendas under 'old business'.   Ms. Dorney is acquiring quotes for a music and textile wall and adding wheels to existing poles.  Mr. Weber suggested utilizing the mulched area for additional equipment.  It was noted that whatever is put in needs to be ADA accessible. 

Ms. Dorney related that the leaning basketball pole is being fixed.   

It was noted that 227 were registered for this past Sunday's 5K race. 

Discussion turned to the Farmer’s Market. Committee members asked about having a link from the Village's website to the farmer’s market.  It was noted that since this is a new farmer’s market, vendors could be hesitant to commit so it's important for people to support the vendors. 

Discussion turned to the recreation center. Ms. Gulaskey related that Cushman School is still working on a new athletic and arts center eight years later and they have not broken ground yet. Mr. Hadad suggested that the Committee should vote on whether to pursue this issue.  Mr.

R.A.C. mtg., 11/6/17, pg. 2 of 2

Hadad would like to develop a budget for a new recreation center that residents would ultimately approve.   Mr. Weber said that this needs to be discussed more than once a month.  Mr. O'Hara, a previous Committee member, said he went on recreation tours of various facilities years ago and said if residents approve a facility with less money you will have the same footprint that you have now, nothing additional.  Mr. Weber would like to gather information and present it to Council but believes that Committee needs to meet more often to formulate a plan.  Ms. Dorney said the Committee needs to go before Council to see if the Council wants to go forward and if they do, the Council will appoint a citizen based subcommittee for a new center.  Mr. Hadad believes there is community support for a new center and that the design that was presented was too different from the survey.  Mr. Hadad suggested building an enclosed basketball/volleyball court.  Mr. Weber made a motion for the Recreation Advisory Committee to continue developing a plan for a new recreation center. Motion seconded by Ms. Henry and unanimously approved.  Mr. O'Hara suggested having the recreation center as an ongoing agenda item every month.  It was suggested allotting a specific amount of time each month to a new center.  Ms. O'Donnell said that it may be too soon to broach the subject of a new center with the Council. 

Ms. Dorney related to the Committee that the Town of Bay Harbor Islands has approached the Village requesting use of the Aquatic Center for their residents.  The Village has asked that the Town of Bay Harbor Islands pay Miami Shores Village, pending Village Council approval, a yearly fee of $50,000, plus the daily resident admission fee for use of the pool. Residents of the Town of Bay Harbor Islands would also receive the same benefits as Miami Shores residents at the Aquatic Center. This would be a five-year contract. This proposal will be presented to the Miami Shores Village Council at their next meeting, and then, pending approval, will be presented to the Town of Bay Harbor Islands’ Council for their approval.  Ms. Henry made a motion that the Recreation Advisory Committee support the approval of the agreement between the Town of Bay Harbor Islands and Miami Shores Village for use of the Aquatic Center.  Motion seconded by Mr. Weber and unanimously approved. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.