May 4, 2015

Minutes of the Recreation Advisory Committee held on May 4, 2015.

Members present:    Christia Alou                         Kristin David Cawn                         

John Ise                                 Jonathan Meltz                    

Michael O’Hara                    William Reich                       

Ken Whittaker


Members absent:     Kendra Borja                         Christopher Fernandez


Also present:             Jerry Estep, Recreation Director

                                    Leslie Rackl, Executive Assistant

                                    Robert Frame, Resident


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

Ms. Cawn made a motion to approve the minutes of the April 6, 2015, meeting. Motion seconded by Mr. Meltz and unanimously approved.

Mr. Estep gave a summary of the recreation programs at this time; there are 68 in aftercare, 188 in baseball, 44 in softball, 22 in super soccer stars, 14 in tween fit and 11 in girls open court basketball. It was noted that umbrella rentals are going well at the pool but there are not as many walk up admissions. Mr. Estep said that budget prep is continuing.

It was related that the survey for a new recreation center has ended and there were 453 responses. Ken Ballard will be returning to discuss the results of the survey on May 19 with Village Council and again on May 20 with the residents in the immediate area who will be affected by a new center.

Information about community center rentals was distributed to the members. There have been eleven rentals in the Auditorium with four ending after 10:00 p.m. and eighteen rentals in the Royal Palm Room with one ending after 10:00 p.m. Rentals generate $16,000 in revenue. Mr. Frame said he does not want to live across the street with rentals that create a night club atmosphere. Another suggestion was made to distribute wristbands to people attending rentals. Mr. O’Hara suggesting limiting the time of rentals and those that wish to have later rentals would need to have an off duty officer included into the price of the rental.

Mr. Meltz would like to congratulate the staff for organizing the girls basketball court program. It was noted that the vita course needs to be ordered and installed.

R.A.C. mtg., 5/4/15; pg. 2 of 2

It was related that Summer Camp begins on June 8. Due to the restrictions of Obamacare, employees are restricted to working 30 hours/week, but this year we will hire seasonal staff that will work 40 hours/week. It was noted that lifeguards are the hardest positions to fill. It was noted that all part time staff (lifeguards/coaches/counselors) have received raises.

It was noted that travel soccer is going well, with registration ongoing for next season.

Mr. O’Hara suggested having the Commission meet with Ken Ballard before he meets with the residents on May 20. Mr. Frame is concerned about who the bond for a center is aimed at (is it nonresidents as well as residents).

It was suggested to recalculate travel soccer fees to include the cost of portable scoreboards.

The meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.