March 6, 2017

Minutes of the Recreation Advisory Committee held on March 6, 2017. 

Members present:                Anna Blackman                   Dan Brady

Lauren Cortinas                   Manny Hadad

Jonathan Meltz                     Jacqueline O'Donnell

Michelle Saporiti                   Karen Smith-Gulaskey

Felipe Villamizar

Members absent:                 Steven Weber

Also present:                         Angela Dorney, Interim Recreation Director 

Leslie Rackl, Executive Assistant 

Trevor Hague, Resident

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

At this time self-introductions were made to guest Trevor Hague. 

Correction to the minutes of the February 6, 2017 minutes meeting. Page two, paragraph one, line four; change ‘$750,000’ to ‘1.3 million’.Ms. Cortinas made a motion to approve the minutes of the February 6, 2017, with corrections. Motion seconded by Mr. Brady and unanimously approved. 

It was noted that registration has begun for softball and baseball. There are currently 73 enrolled in the aftercare program. Upcoming events include the Fine Arts spring concert on March 26, Village Dog Park ribbon cutting on April 6, Egg Dive on April 14 and the Marshmallow Drop on April 15. 

Discussion turned to new business. Commission members asked about having a season pass for Shipwreck Cove. It was noted that revenue would be lost by doing this as many of the same families utilize the facility. It was requested that other water parks be surveyed to see how they charge their patrons. Ms. Saporiti noted that the snacks at the pool are not very healthy and suggested salads, fruits and hummus/chips as alternatives. 

Ms. Dorney related that she is looking into an ADA apparatus for the tot lot. The back area of the tot lot is now ADA accessible with ADA mulch. Ms. Saporiti said she has forwarded a PowerPoint presentation with some options for some mainstream apparatus for the tot lot that is not very expensive. 

Ms. Cortinas asked about expanding the transportation to area schools to transport children not in the aftercare program for after school programs. Ms. Dorney said the recreation department does not have enough staff or vehicles to add this service for residents. 

R.A.C. mtg., 3/6/17, pg. 2 of 2

It was noted that resident Steve Shulman is having a meeting at the County Club to discuss the bond referendum for the new recreation center.  Ms. Saporiti feels that the Village should send a representative to this meeting to present factual information on the proposed center. Ms. Cortina said that the mindset of those planning on attending this meeting are already made up. Mr. Meltz said the Miami Shores Property Owners Assoc. is the only group that is rebutting the negative comments being made about the proposed center. It was noted that the election ballot is only the first step; there is no architect, plan or design for the proposed center. This will only give the new Council the $20 million to spend.  It was noted that the lack of information is what is prompting meetings with community groups.  Ms. Dorney said that the margin of how the vote goes will be helpful to the new Council in deciding to go forward or not with a new center. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.