June 4, 2018

Minutes of the Recreation Advisory Committee held on June 4, 2018. 

Members present:                Anna Blackman                   Karen Smith Gulaskey

Manny Hadad                       Alise Henry

Michael O’Hara                    Michelle Saporiti

Members absent:                 Jeff Geimer                            Jacqueline O’Donnell

Steven Weber

Also present:                         Angela Dorney, Recreation Director

                                                Leslie Rackl, Executive Assistant

Ms. Henry made a motion to approve the minutes of the April 2, 2018 minutes. Motion seconded by Mr. O’Hara and unanimously approved. 

The Committee discussed the March Council meeting. Ms. Gulaskey said that, based on Council’s comments, it will be up to the Committee to interpret whether or not to proceed with a new recreation center.  Mr. Hadad said he visited a solar panel vendor that was near Osswald Park in Ft. Lauderdale and suggested that we cover our basketball courts with solar roof panels.   Mr. O’Hara made a motion to change the topic to improvements at the recreation center and delete the topic of a new recreation center.  Motion seconded by Ms. Gulaskey and unanimously approved.   Ms. Henry suggested putting a survey on Next Door or at the front counter at the Community Center for additional feedback.  Ms. Saporiti suggested making a list of needed improvements and itemizing them based on need.  Ms. Dorney noted this is similar to capital projects that are submitted each year, with the Village Manager deciding which projects, throughout the Village, to proceed with. 

Ms. Dorney said she would like to fix the 9900 building and use it for spillover programs and activities.  But it was noted that the Council is looking to build up the downtown area and sell the building to developers.   Ms. Saporiti suggested having a fundraiser and use the money raised for renovation projects.  It was noted that golf tournaments are a lot of work with not much profit. 

Mr. Hadad suggested that all the Committee members bring ideas for upgrades to the September meeting. 

Discussion turned to old business. Mr. Hadad inquired about the scoreboards.  Mr. Hadad also commented on the field usage by nonresidents. 

Compliments were given on the new walkway at the Tot Lot. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.