Library Board of Trustees Minutes, September 14, 2016

Board of Trustees Michelle Brown, Library Director

Antonie Downs, Chair

Henry Harnage, Vice Chair

Laura Farley

Cheryl Gowing

Donna Hurtak




Wednesday September 14, 2016 at 9am

Brockway Memorial Library Conference Room


The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Brockway Library was called to order at 9:05 by Chair Toni Downs. Present: Michelle Brown, Library Director; Board members Chair Toni Downs, Laura Farley, Cheryl Gowing, Henry Harnage, and Donna Hurtak.






  1. Board Member Role Appointments : Toni Downs reviewed the preferred Board role structure initiated last year that is based on time in service [Board member in their 5th/final year becomes Chair ; person in their 4th year serves as Vice-Chair ; 3rd year, Secretary ; 2nd year: Community Alliance representative ; 1st year: no formal role]. Due to competing time and travel commitments, the role structure was adjusted for the coming year. Motion to approve Donna Hurtak as Chair, Henry Harnage as Vice-Chair, Cheryl Gowing as Secretary, Laura Farley as Community Alliance representative made by Cheryl Gowing, seconded by Henry Harnage; motion passed. Donna Hurtak assumed the duties of Board Chair for the remainder of the meeting.
  2. Laura Farley notes that due to prior travel commitments, she would be unable to attend the October Community Alliance meeting. Henry Harnage will represent the Board in her place at the October meeting.

  3. Approval of minutes of the last meeting: Motion to approve the minutes of June 8, 2016 made by Cheryl Gowing, seconded by Henry Harnage; motion passed.
  4. Financial Report: Michelle Brown presented the financial report. She noted that additional overtime funds were required due to staff shortages. Due to unforeseen delays in the implementation of the OverDrive e-content platform, grant funds reserved for the Mango languages and subscriptions will roll-over into the next fiscal year as the start of the latter subscriptions was delayed until the OverDrive implementation could be completed. Board members were reminded that the pilot Overdrive subscription fee will be paid from the Library Trust this year, with three thousand budgeted in the next fiscal year if the Library decides to continue the service. Henry Harnage noted that the parking meter revenue was included in the ‘miscellaneous’ subcategory within the Trust fund accounts. Parking meter revenues will be separately listed in future financial reports. Motion to approve the Financial Report made by Henry Harnage, seconded by Donna Hurtak; motion passed.
  5. Circulation Report was presented. It was noted that the Library added 115 new patrons (primarily residents) over the summer. Cheryl Gowing suggested the Library consider sending membership follow-up emails to renewing/active and lapsed users, reminding them of the variety of new and continuing services and resources available through the library.
  6. Old Business
  7. Overdrive Update: Michelle Brown related the difficulties experienced in getting the OverDrive e-book platform implemented, including the need to upgrade the library server and automation system software. The Library will start advertising the new system and offer mini-workshops in setting up personal devices for easy access to e content offered through OverDrive.

    Public Library Construction Grant/Grant Writer: Michelle Brown worked with grant writer consultant, Amy McClellan, to submit a Public Library Construction grant to the Florida Dept. of State Division of Library and Information Services. The grant process opened over the summer and required a resolution of support from the Village Council. Cheryl Gowing and Michelle Brown received Council approval at the July 19, 2016 meeting to proceed with a request of $315,000 for grant funding in support of the Children’s Wing Project. While the grant award would not be made until July 2017, it was noted that grant awarded funding can be applied to constructions projects that are already underway at the point of grant award. The RFP [request for proposal] process for the design/build construction project will be initiated this fall by Village Manager Tom Benton now that the grant has been submitted.

    Board members unanimously expressed a desire to have a public recognition of the Bolton Family gift in lieu of waiting until the formal construction ground breaking. A motion made by Toni Down, seconded by Henry Harnage, was passed instructing Cheryl Gowing to contact John Bolton to determine Mrs. Bolton’s availability to attend a simple ceremony acknowledging the generous Bolton Family gift and subsequent naming of selected space within the new or renovated Children’s Wing. Oct. 19th at 3:30 prior to the American Girls Club meeting was suggested as a viable option.

    Toni Downs has begun to contact major donors to the Children’s Fund Project to confirm their preferred form of names in the donor plaque. Michelle Brown will continue to contact the remaining donors. It was noted that a formal thank you should be sent to Paula Xanthopoulou for her invaluable guidance and assistance in fundraising for the Children’s Wing.


    Music Series with Michael Stock: At the June Library Board meeting Susan Ackley, Chair of the Fine Arts Council, proposed a music lecture series conducted by radio host Michael Stock, to be jointly funded by Fine Arts and the Library. Mr. Stock will conduct a series of four lectures on American folk music on Thursday evenings in March and April 2017, from 6:30-7"30 pm. Motion to approve the expenditure of $319 from the Library Trust made by Henry Harnage, seconded by Donna Hurtak; motion passed w/ Cheryl Gowing, recused due to spousal relationship.


        6. Other Items

        • Film Lecture Series: Over the summer the Library acquired public performance rights to show films at library programs. John Bachay has proposed a seven-part film lecture series presented by Dan Hudak, film critic and professor. The series would run from November 2016 through the Oscar ceremony at a cost of $1500 for the series. Lecture topics are : Game Changers: Five films that changed the film industry ; Film sound ; Cinematography ; Editing ; Fancy movie tricks ; Lighting, names, costumes ; Best Picture Oscar talk. It was recommended the Library partially underwrite the cost of the series, but charge $5/person to attend with an option to purchase tickets for the entire series. Motion to approve the film series and expenditure by Henry Harnage, seconded by Donna Hurtak; motion passed. Mr. Bachay has also proposed a walking tour series to be discussed at a future Board meeting.
              • MSPCS Arbor Day Project: The Presbyterian Church School and Miami Country Day, with the Community Learning Partnership of Miami Shores, plan to have twelve students plants trees in the community and would like to plant a sapling at the Library. Scott Davis, Public Works Director, has reviewed and approved the tree selection and committed Public Works to purchase and identify the tree location and prepare the planting area. The tree will be planted in November. Henry Harnage motion to approve the Library as a location for the MSPCS Arbor Day Project, seconded by Cheryl Gowing; motion passed.
              • Holiday Requests: Motion by Cheryl Gowing, seconded by Laura Farley to approve closing the Library on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Dec. 24 and 31st; motion passed.
              • Unity 360: Community Race Dialogues: The Miami Shores People of Color will conduct a reading & discussion series from Oct. through December on Saturday mornings in the Reference Room (Oct. 15 & 22nd ; Nov. 12 ; Dec. 3). Participation will be limited to 40 based on the room capacity.
              • Community Alliance: Cheryl Gowing shared materials distributed at the Sept. 7, 2016 Community Alliance meeting. All Community Alliance partners were given postcards for the October 15, 2016 "MargaritaVillage Party at the Pool for Our Schools" fundraiser and asked to sell at least 5 tickets each. The Community Alliance grant proposal form will be available on Oct. 31st, with a deadline for online submission of Nov. 30, 2016.



              7. Announcements

                    • Youth Services Librarian, Ms. Anne Kelly, to retire on October 28th. Open House October 26th-28th 2PM-5PM to say farewell. Motion by Donna Hurtak, seconded by Cheryl Gowing, to approve Library Trust funds for a retirement farewell gift; motion passed.
                    • New hire: Mary Gerhardt, will be working part-time in the children’s room from 5-8pm.
                    • "Being Mortal" Film and Discussion September 20th 6pm
                    • Artisan Fair October 1st 10AM – 3PM. Vendor booths will be both indoor and outdoor. To date 26 vendors have registered for booths.
                    • Fine Arts Reception October 7th 6:30pm

                    PUBLIC COMMENT: None

                    Meeting Adjourned at 10:00.

                    Respectfully submitted: Cheryl Gowing, Secretary