Library Board of Trustees Minutes, September 12, 2018


Cheryl Gowing, President                                                                             Michelle Brown, Library Director

Kathy Redmond, Secretary

Donna Hurtak, Laura Farley Christine Gay



Brockway Memorial Library Conference Room


The meeting of the Board of Trustees of Brockway Memorial Library was called to order at 9:02 AM by President Cheryl Gowing. Present: Michelle Brown, Library Director; Board Members: President Cheryl Gowing, Kathy Redmond, Donna Hurtak, Laura Farley. Absent: Christine Gay.

  1. Approval of the Minutes of the June Meeting as corrected. Donna Hurtak moved to approve;

    Kathy Redmond seconded. Motionpassed. Approval of the Minutes of the August 29 Special    

    Meeting as corrected. Donna Hurtak moved to approve; Laura Farley seconded. Motion passed.

  2. Community Alliance Report: Donna Hurtak reported that $52,850 in grants were awarded by The Alliance and that summary/recap at the conclusion of each grand funded program will be required. Mayor Mac Glinn reported that he will resign his post in April, 2019 to accept a new position in Chicago that will require a move. He will be working remotely from Miami Shores until April. Next election will have 4 seats to be filled. Chair Angela Young announced that the Mayor’s Ball for 2019 will feature a 50s Theme; a communications committee will be established; Alliance is planning a “Day of Action” for the future; a second fundraiser is being considered for the first week of December in conjunction with Art Basel Week inMiami. Susan Ackley has organized a monthly events calendar for the Village and it will appear on the Chamber web site. Contact Susan with any additions, corrections, etc.

  3. Financial Report: Michelle Brown presented the financial report. We have achieved 100% on collecting revenue, all line items are on target except we are over in “repairs” due to air conditioning issues. Michelle will check to see if the library has an electronic “overdue” function that can automatically generate email notices in advance of due dates in place of printing and mailing such notices (which will save on postage expense). It was also suggested that Michelle check to make sure that funds collected to date for the library expansion are earning interest. Donna Hurtak moved to approve the report; Laura Farley seconded. Motionpassed.
  4. Circulation Report was presented: A total of 14,742 circulations were recorded during the three months of summer (June 01 - August 31, 2018). 310 copies were added over the period for Adults, 107 for Youth and 105 for electronic media over the summer period. There were 175 items donated and 712 removed, most from out-of- date publications in the travel section. 171 repairs and replacements of books and media items were made. It was reported that “e-books” are now incorporated into the library base search function and RB digital will also be added in the near future.

107 new patrons were added for a total of 8,745. It was suggested that staff conduct an address cross-check on new resident members in an attempt to keep our membership lists up to date.

5.  Old Business: Michelle presented copies of the Library Meeting Room Policy which outlines fees connected with meeting/function room use and a priority ranking criteria in support of the library mission and service goals. Motion to approve the meeting room policy was made by Laura Farley and seconded by Donna Hurtak. Motion Approved.

6.  New Business and Other Items:

A new city ordinance will restrict parking on NE 99 & 100 Streets between NE 2nd and 3rd Avenues to  resident-only parking and decals are being provided to homeowners. Violators will be ticketed. Patrons should be directed to use municipal parking lots.

To date, Stobbs Brothers is the only construction firm to be presented as qualified to bid on the expansion project at the next Village Council Meeting on 9/17; Laura Farley will attend.

Ground-breaking is being considered for January 11th at 3:30 PM as a “family oriented” gathering with a reception. It was suggested that “donor bricks” fundraising commence at the same time as groundbreaking

The Parking Meter decoration challenge will be reissued for Grades 5 - 12 in local area schools with a Nov 30 deadline for designs. Up to $50 will be reimbursed for supplies and the Fine Arts Commission will determine the nine (9) winners to be announced Feb 01 and celebrated at a pizza party on Feb 03.

There were a number of incidences of unexpected summer camp groups of 5 or more people using the library causing congestion at times. It was suggested that a requirement for prescheduling such groups be added to the use policy for the library.

Barry University retired nuns have requested free library cards. The board denied such requests for exempting the fee requirement due to non-resident member policy.

Fundraising: It was estimated that $50 - $100k in additional funds may be required for the Children’s Wing project. As noted above, “donor bricks” will be introduced at the ground-breaking event. Also a quilt, which will also serve as a “donors’ board”, will be donated by a local quilting group. There was discussion of Arts from Wynwood be a part of fundraising activities. As also noted above, an effort will be made to determine what funds are on hand, including interest received to date on collected funds, for a final figure to be raised in the future to complete the project.

7.  Several announcements about coming events were made -- there are now 30 vendors signed up for the Library Artisan Fair on Saturday, October 6. Other October events include Artist Exhibit with Fine Arts Commission on 10/19; A Night of Harry Potter 20th Anniversary 10/20; GOAL Archive Party in Memory of Johnny Winters 10/25.

Public Comment:None.

Donna Hurtak moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:14 AM; Laura Farley seconded. Motion approved. Next meeting will be held Wednesday, October 10 at 9 AM.