Library Board of Trustees Minutes, October 11, 2017

Board of Trustees                                                                                                                           

Donna Hurtak, President

Cheryl Gowing, Vice-President

Laura Farley, Secretary

Antonie Downs

Kathy Redmond




Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 9am

Brockway Memorial Library Conference Room


The meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Brockway Library was called to order at 9:07 am by President Donna Hurtak.   Present:   Michelle Brown, Library Director; Board members: President Donna Hurtak, Cheryl Gowing, andKathy Redmond. Excused:   Toni Downs, Laura Farley







Approval of minutes of the September meeting: Motion to approve the minutes of Sept. 13, 2017 meeting as revised made by Donna Hurtak, seconded by Kathy Redmond motion passed.

Community Alliance Report - none

Financial Report: Michelle Brown presented the financial report. Year-end revenues came in at 108% of budget, higher than expected likely due to collecting of fees for lost books and other miscellaneous charges for interlibrary loans, lost library cards, etc. Spending closed at 89%, however some invoices for book orders at the end of the fiscal year are still outstanding.   Children’s Wing Expansion expenses included the plaque for Mrs. Bolton and new documents for the Fire Chief.   Expenditures in subaccount #34150 Programming was lower than expected due to the replacement of the children’s Spanish program at a lower cost.   Motion to approve the financial report made by Cheryl Gowing, seconded by Donna Hurtak; motion passed.

Circulation Report: Circulation Report was presented.       Library staff have completed weeding the paperback collection.   Twenty-three patrons were added over the past month, for a total of 8549 patrons, with close to 5500 ‘active’. The increase in children’s and adult programming seems to be driving the increase in registered patrons.   The service will not be renewed due to lack of use. Overdrive use continues to be healthy. It was suggested Ms. Brown explore other language learning programs, such as Duo Lingo, Pronunciator, and “News in Slow Spanish” to compare offerings and instruction levels with the current Mango Languages service.  

Old Business

  • Book Bike Proposal: John Camp spoke with the Village regarding potential liability issues. The Village is investigating. A new biking friendly program, ‘Lime Bike’, has been launched to provide low-cost bike rentals throughout Miami Shores.   Brockway Library will be a drop-off/pick-up station.  

  • Library Logo:   Ms. Brown reviewed options for a new library logo for use on flyers, promotional materials, etc. A motion was made to accept Logo #4 [books with palms and sunburst at the top] with color variations made by Cheryl Gowing, seconded by Donna Hurtak; motion passed.   The Board will review the color variations when supplied by the vendor, Company B Glass Typography.

  • FY 2018 budget approved by the Village

  • Building Update: Ms. Brown will send Village Manager Tom Benton the new design criteria package for review. At the last Village staff meeting it was decided that the new expansion should be built to withstand a Category 5 storm in order to server as a possible place of refuge for the Police & Village Emergency Team. There is no further news on the timing of the sewer hookup. It is now likely to be scheduled in phases, with the library renovation in a later phase. Ms. Brown met with a resident who has not yet fulfilled their pledge donation.   They will be speaking with their family about completing their pledge.

Other Items

  • Report on Artisan Fair: This year’s Artisan Fair was very successful, raising $920 in vendor fees and an attendance of over 400, not completely counting those outside. This is a doubling of attendance from last year, with five more vendors. Next year the library will consider engaging a food truck to provide lunch/snack options. We can also take this opportunity to promote library card registration and library programming.   The Miami Herald plans to run a story on the Fair.   They also inquired about the library’s involvement at the Village Memorial Day event.  

  • Municipal Library Reciprocal Program: Ms. Brown has begun talks with other municipal libraries about their experiences in the County Library reciprocal program.   Sue Cvejanovich, Assistant Director of MDPL, will be invited to a future meeting.   It was suggested Jennifer Pratt, Executive Director for SEFLIN, also be invited to outline the possible benefit of an Associate Level SEFLIN membership

  • Library Staff Update: Ms. Brown is thrilled to report Brockway Library is now at full staff.   Recently filled staff positions include Jennilyn Cenat, working part-time in charge of the media center during evening/weekends; Mary Tuttle, a Shores resident, will manage the day shift in the media center. Youth Services Librarian Brenda Holsing is developing a following, with many interesting new projects in the works.   There is definitely an increase in the circulation of children’s materials since this position was filled.

  • Dec meeting: The December meeting will be held on Dec. 13, 2017.   The Library Board will provide a holiday breakfast for Library staff beginning at 8 am, prior to the start of the formal Board meeting.  


  • Fine Arts Council Exhibit – Friday, October 13: 6:30pm-8pm

  • Green Day: Saturday, October 21: 3:30-7:30/Theme: Roots and Shoots Children’s Activity :

  • Spooky Night for 10 and older – Monday, October 30: 6pm -

  • Fall Walking Tour – Saturday, November 4: 10am – already full. Mayor Glyn will kick off the tour with brief remarks on the importance of local history.





Respectfully submitted: Cheryl Gowing, Vice-President