Library Board of Trustees Minutes, October 10, 2018




Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 9 AM


Brockway Memorial Library Conference Room




The meeting of the Board of Trustees of Brockway Memorial Library was called to order at 9:06 AM by President, Cheryl Gowing. Present: Michelle Brown, Library Director; Board Members: President Cheryl Gowing, Secretary Kathy Redmond, Donna Hurtak, Laura Farley, Christine Gay.


Approval of the minutes of the September meeting with the following change to point #6: Stobs Brothers will NOT be submitted to the Village Council as the only bid received on 9/17. Due to Village procedures, more contractors will be needed to bid on the expansion project. Projected date of recommendation to Council moved to 10-16-18, pending need for additional applicants. (See #5 below). Donna Hurtak moved to approve the minutes as corrected; Cheryl Gowing seconded. Motionpassed.

Community Alliance Report: Donna Hurtak reported that there were no additional funds received by the Alliance this month. It was suggested that members reporting special events during the coming month should also report on results achieved from the events at the meeting following the event. The Village Comprehensive Plan was approved by the Council; following the second reading it will be accepted as final and implemented. Farmers’ Market will return on Nov 11th and the new Sculpture Garden (at 92 and NE 2nd Ave) dedication will be announced soon. The Mayor’s Gala is now scheduled for March 10, and there will be an additional fund raiser scheduled during December. Details tofollow.

  Alliance announced that they will be offering a seminar on “Marketing for Non-profits”. Details to follow.

Financial Report: Michelle Brown presented the (year-end) financial report. As a follow up to the last meeting, it was reported that donated funds do earn interest at a rate of .8% in a shared/pooled fund. This fund will be changed to CDs at year end to earn an anticipated 2% or higher rate. The Library collected $333 from Better World Books, a company that receives withdrawn and donated books for resale. It was noted that the Library has used just 14% of over-time budget and that travel and per diem expenses were at 126% of budget due to one additional conference attended. Repair and Maintenance was 109% of budget due to air conditioning repair expense. Motion to approve the financial report was made by Donna Hurtak, seconded by Laura Farley. Motionpassed.


Circulation Report: For September, 2018 there were 4,598 circulations with 74 holds placed. 60 adult copies, 60 youth copies, and 20 media items were added. A total of 151 copies were removed with 41 repaired or replaced. Staff have begun to do a thorough review of the patron list (patron inventory project) in order to identify and remove those patrons who have relocated or otherwise left the village. The process identifies patrons who have not used services for 3 or more years foranalysis.



Old Business: Michelle provided a construction update and noted that the Village had requested more RFQs. Three more responses were received and the list was reduced to two contenders: Stobs Brothers and State Engineering & Construction Corp. Once this list is approved by the Village Council, RFPs will berequested.


Library Meeting Room Policy was again reviewed and will be finalized in November. Per current Meeting Room Policy, the board has respectfully denied the EAB request to hold regular meetings in the Library Conference Room. Motion to approve was made by Cheryl Gowing; Donna Hurtak seconded. Motion passed.


Meter Contest announcement has been sent to area schools and will be resent to those schools that have not responded this week. Only Miami Shores Presbyterian School will not participate so far.


RB Digital is now in the main library catalog. SMPT is being installed to facilitate emailing of overdue and other notices.


Other Items:


Suggestion made that patron account notices be sent 30 days prior to expiration. Michelle to look into procedure.


Susan Ackley of Fine Arts Council has delivered the “Lizama Art Donation” for consideration for a month until a decision to accept has to be made. This item will be deferred until the November meeting.


Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) provides access to Brockway Digital Library documents which are also on the FIU server and FL Digital archive. Should Brockway partner also with the Sunshine State Digital Network and DPLA for further access to our digital content? Since there is no penalty for withdrawal from Sunshine State, Kathy Redmond moved to partner with the system; Cheryl Gowing seconded. Motion passed.

  Announcements: The Library Artisan Fair was held 10/06 and attracted nearly 400 attendees. Michelle will advise how much money was made in November. Pamela Gonzalez Exhibit Opening will be held 10/19; Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Party on 10/20; “What’s Your Miami Story” hosted by Susan Ackley on 10/23; G.O.A.L. Archive Party in gratitude for $50K donation in memory of Johnny Winters 10/25. Coming November events include: Green Day 11/03; History Bus Tour 11/10; and 3 Author Events: Marlen Bodden presents “The Wedding Gift” on 11/08; Maria Hummel presents “Still Lives” on 11/17; Steve Schulman presents “My Uncle Gloria” on 11/29. 

There being no further business, Donna Hurtak moved to adjourn; Christine Gay seconded. The meeting adjourned at 10:12 AM.


Respectfully submitted,