Library Board of Trustees Minutes, May 10, 2017

Board of Trustees: Michelle Brown, Library Director; Donna Hurtak, Chair, Henry Harnage, Vice Chair: Cheryl Gowing, Secretary: Antonie Downs, Laura Farley 


Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 9am

Brockway Memorial Library Conference Room


The meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Brockway Library was called to order at 9:04 am by Chair Donna Hurtak. Present: Michelle Brown, Library Director; Board members Chair Donna Hurtak, Toni Downs, Laura Farley, and Henry Harnage. Cheryl Gowing was absent.

Public Comment: None

Presentations: None

  1. Approval of minutes of the April meeting: There was one correction in #5. Other Items: MS Community Alliance Grant. The grant money will be used for technology in the Adult Services Department, not the Children’s Wing. Motion to approve the corrected minutes made by Donna Hurtak, seconded by Henry Harnage. Motion passed.

  2. Community Alliance Report. Toni Downs reported that the library received $5000 for the Adult Services Department. There was a clarification that the Memorial Book Donations could be the actual book or a gift of money and the Brockway Memorial Library staff would choose an appropriate title. All gift books will have book plates honoring the donor. Henry Harnage reported on the turnover of the MSCA Board with Alice Burch and Sean Brady leaving the Board and Mac Glinn coming on the Board. Angela Young will be the new chair; Bekky Leonard is remaining as secretary. There will be a new treasurer.

  3. Financial Report. Michelle Brown presented the financial report. The rate of expenditure is a little higher this year than last but there should be no difficulties finishing the year on target. Motion to approve the financial report made by Donna Hurtak, seconded by Toni Downs; motion passed.

  4. Circulation Report. Michelle Brown presented the circulation report. Circulation figures remained steady, the number of registered patrons increased again bring to total number of active patrons to 8,409. Weeding continues with a total of 193 hard copy, PBKs and DVD titles removed. Facebooks statistics also increased, as did Mango language and subject tutoring usage. E-book checkouts also increased.

  5. Old Business

  • Youth Services Position. Michelle Brown will be interviewing a perspective candidate by Skype this week.

  • Expansion Update. No money was allocated by the legislature for any of the applications for state grants. The architect has presented a preliminary budget which is over the available budget. Michelle Brown will be meeting with the architects to review alternative plans.

6.  Other Items

  • Annual Report. Michelle Brown presented the annual report. There was a suggestion to add photos which she will do. The Annual Report will be presented at the June 6th Village Council meeting by Donna Hurtak. All board members are urged to attend. The meeting starts at 6:30.

  • Artist Review-FAC. Susan Ackley, Chair of the Fine Arts Counsel has notified us that they will only be hosting two art exhibits next year, but will be increasing the number of concerts. Motion to approve the October 13 art exhibit made by Toni Downs, seconded by Henry Harnage. Motion passed. Susan Ackley also requested that the library be open longer hours on Saturday. Motion to study the impact of opening the library 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays made by Henry Harnage, seconded by Laura Farley. Motion passed.

  • Checks. The Village Finance Department informed Michelle Brown that all monetary donations to the library should be made out to Miami Shores Village and not to the Brockway Memorial Library. There was strong sentiment that this could hamper the ability of the library to raise donations. The Board instructed Michelle Brown to draft a letter for the board chair to sign stating that the checks to the library should be made payable to the library as per section 20-73 and 20-76 of the Village code. The motion was made by Henry Harnage and seconded by Toni Downs.

  • Municipal Director’s Meeting Report. Michelle Brown reported that most other municipal libraries have entered into a borrowing agreement with the county libraries and that the results have been beneficial to both organizations. The Director will look into a reciprocal borrowing agreement with the Miami-Dade County Public Library system and report back to the board.

  • Library Assistant II Position. Catie Farrington has accepted a position with the Village Recreation Department. Mariliz Anima has been promoted to the full-time position. Michelle Brown will be recruiting to fill Mariliz’ position.

7.  Announcements

  • Pat’s Sacks of Titusville is Saturday, May 13th at 10 am

  • The Bolton Family Dedication is Monday, May 15th at 3:30 pm

  • The Library will close on Monday, May 29th in observance of Memorial Day

  • The Library will present the annual report to the Village Council on June 6th at 6:30 in the Village Hall. The election of the new board member will take place at that time.

  • The next Board meeting will be on June 14, 2017 at 9:00 am in the Library Conference Room.




Meeting adjourned at 10:20 am

Respectfully submitted: Toni Downs, acting Secretary