Library Board of Trustees Minutes, June 13, 2018


Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 9:00am

Brockway Memorial Library Conference Room


The meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Brockway Library was called to order at 9:05 am by President Donna Hurtak. Present: Michelle Brown, Library Director; Board members: President Donna Hurtak, Vice President Cheryl Gowing, Toni Downs, Kathy Redmond and Laura Farley.

PUBLIC COMMENT: None                                                    

PRESENTATION: Michelle Brown presented the Annual Report: “Libraries Rock”: Brockway’s “Tech Trek”, Preserving Our Past for the Future, Programming Soars, Brockway by the Numbers and Children’s Wing Construction Update.

1. Approval of minutes of the May meeting as corrected: Toni Downs moved to approve minutes of the May meeting and seconded by Kathy Redmond. Motion passed.

2. Community Alliance Report: Kathy Redmond reported that grant recipients to be announced July 9; Plaza 98 to receive funding of $5,000 next year. Brockway Memorial Library to host breakfast for April meeting.

3. Financial Report: Michelle Brown presented the financial report: Donna Hurtak moved to approve budget report and Toni Downs seconded. Motion passed.    Memorial Day: 20 local organizations contributed, bringing in $1,010 for trust.                                                                                      

4. Circulation Report:

Circulation Report was presented: Circulations 5,067 for May; up from 4,684 from last month. There were 117 copies added for adults, 40 for youth, 15 DVDs, CDs and 37 donations. 49 copies were weeded (various collections) and 46 books and media repaired. 19 new patrons were added (11 adult residents, 5 child residents; 0 adult non-resident, 3 child non-resident) for a total of 8,655. There were 150 checkouts in OverDrive and 13 total sessions on Mango.

5. Old Business:

RB Digital Magazines has launched and will continue to be monitored.                                                        

Meeting Room Policy is being revised and instead of requesting donation, will now require a fee. Fee to be waived for nonprofit organizations (must present current 501 C-3 and ID). Michelle Brown will amend current policy with feedback from board.

6. Other Items  

  • DCP (Design Criteria Package) has been completed and submitted, copy with Michelle Brown and Tom Benton. All details to be reviewed in coming months, Village to establish schedule and will be sent out as soon as ready. Need to set date for ground breaking ceremony.

  • Fine Arts Fall Proposal – October 19 Exhibit: Pamela Gonzalez series of digital portraits with focus on geometric abstracts and cultural color pallets will be displayed in floating frames. Cheryl Gowing moved to approve and Toni Downs seconded. Motion passed.

  • Summer Program/Harry Potter Funding: It was suggested that $2,500 be placed in reserve to underwrite both programs. Toni Downs moved to approve, Donna Hurtak seconded. Motion passed.

  • Board Member Roles for 2018-19: Cheryl Gowing, President, Laura Farley, Vice President, Kathy Redmond, Secretary, Donna Hurtak, Community Alliance. Newly elected board member will be encouraged to attend Community Alliance Meeting. In December board donates gift to Toys for Tots, juice and cookies for Winterfest and in April, each board member will contribute to Community Alliance Breakfast.

  • Donor Bricks: Although fundraising has not yet begun, it was suggested that donations commence at same time as groundbreaking. Several options were explored and suggested that a deadline be implemented.    

  • Book case for new books with adjustable shelves is needed as well as lighted display case for GOALS archives.    Date needs to be set to pay tribute to Johnny Winters.   Amounts approved: $1,000 for bookcase; $5,000 for archival quality display case                                                                                  .

7. Announcements         

  • Annual Summer Reading Program kicks off June 12th – “Libraries Rock!”

  • Council Meeting/Annual Report Presentation, June 19th at 6:30pm: there are currently three applicants

Next Meeting: September 12, 2018

Public Comment: None

Meeting adjourned: 10:20am