Library Board of Trustees Minutes, February 13, 2019

Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 8:30 AM

Brockway Memorial Library Conference Room


The meeting of the Board of Trustees of Brockway Memorial Library was called to order at 8:35 AM by President, Cheryl Gowing.  Present:  Michelle Brown, Library Director; Board Members:  Cheryl Gowing, President; Laura Farley, Vice President; Kathleen Redmond, Secretary; Donna Hurtak, Christine Gay.

Public Comment:  None

Presentation:  None

Minutes:  January meeting minutes were approved.  The misspelling of “Stobbs” was corrected to “Stobs”. Donna Hurtak moved to approve; Christine Gay seconded.  Motion passed.

Community Alliance Report:  The Mayor’s Gala will be held March 9th at Miami Shores Country Club.  This is the annual fundraiser which supports the Alliance’s ability to fund grant requests for various members.  It was requested that summary reports of programs that were funded during the current cycle be provided as soon as is feasible after the conclusion of the program.  As reported by Mayor Glinn, the Village Council approved the award of the Brockway Library Expansion to Stobs Brothers Construction.  Also the Village will move forward on pursuing the feasibility and timeline for connecting Shores Estates (as step #1) to the Miami Dade Sewer System in preparation for a transition from septic to sewer.  Donna Hurtak requested that information provided for presentation by her on behalf of Brockway contain more adult oriented information for this audience.  

Financial Report was reviewed and all items appear to be in order.  Kathy Redmond moved to approve; Donna Hurtak seconded.  Motion passed.  

Circulation Report was presented.  Total print circulation copies for January 2019 were 4,334 + 149 in digital form for a total of 4,483 with 129 holds placed.  Copies added included 108 adult + 38 youth + 46 media for a total of 192 additions; 403 copies were removed mainly from Juvenile/Children’s inventory.  Patrons added in January totaled 24 for a current patron count of 7,718.  (Note that the “total” has been reduced due to the ongoing patron inventory project which is now up to “M”).

Old Business: 

  • The Village Council approved the proposal submitted by Stobs Brothers Construction and also “authorized the Village Manager to execute all related documents to effectuate the agreement” (see Meeting Agenda for February 5, 2019).  Additional funding of nearly $200,000 was also approved by the Council to cover any construction shortfall and contingencies.  It was noted that prior to ground-breaking the plans have to be finalized, soil testing done, and permitting process must be completed, so we are looking at a six-month timeframe for actual construction start up. 

  • The Board wishes to schedule the symbolic ground breaking for April, to possibly coordinate with National Library Day, or sooner to remain in communication and contact with the Boltons and major donors.  Michelle will ask Stobs about the possibility of installing a cornerstone.

  • Entries for the parking meter redesigns are due March 1st.  So far 28 children have requested materials for the nine meters; Fine Arts Commission will vote in early March to approve the winners; the “Meter Reveal” party is scheduled for Saturday, April 13th and will include a pizza party.

Other Items. 

  • It is noted that authors who are using the Library to present or publicize their work may not take advantage of the availability of Library Staff to work their function.

  • The Donor Quilt will cost $200 and will feature a library motif with books showcasing the names of donor children on the book spine.  An alternative focal point to showcase these children could be based on a tree with leaves featuring children’s names.  The former would be a static display; the latter would be dynamic with the opportunity to add names over time.

  • Groundbreaking proposed for April 11th, National Library Day.

  • Capital Outlook forecasts anticipated needs over the next five years and will include renovations and items removed from the Library Expansion Plan + carpet, copy machine, hurricane windows, flat roof repair and/or silicone treatment, updated reading room with furniture additions.


  • Adult Services Librarian, Frances Walsh, attended the SEFLIN Digitization Seminar in February.

  • Frances Walsh and Youth Services Librarian, Brenda Holsing, will attend the Florida Library Association (FLA) Conference May 15 - 17. 

  • SFPOC event for Feb 7th had to be moved to the old Catholic Charities Building across the street due to RSVPs from 127 people! 

  • Treece Financial will hold a seminar on Feb 21 on new tax laws. 

  • In March, Seth Bramson will host “Debunking Miami Myths” on March 12th.

  • Fine Arts Exhibit, “Portraits” opens March 15th.

  • Breffni Academy of Irish Dancers will perform on March 16th.

  • Brockway will exhibit again at Unity Day on March 2nd with a Dr. Seuss-themed table display and activities.

There being no further business, Kathy Redmond moved to adjourn; Laura Farley seconded.  Motion passed.  The meeting adjourned at 9:38 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Redmond