Library Board of Trustees Minutes, December 13, 2017

Board of Trustees                                                                                                                           

Donna Hurtak, President

Cheryl Gowing, Vice President

Laura Farley, Secretary

Antonie Downs

Kathy Redmond



Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at 9am

Brockway Memorial Library Conference Room




The meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Brockway Library was called to order at 9:14 am by President, Donna Hurtak.   Present:   Michelle Brown, Library Director; Board members: President Donna Hurtak, Toni Downs, Cheryl Gowing, and Kathy Redmond.   Laura Farley, excused.









Approval of minutes of the November meeting minutes deferred to January.



Community Alliance Report:   Kathy Redmond reported the next Community Alliance meeting will be held on Jan. 10, 2018.   The Village Council meeting schedule was changed to the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of that month. Village Manager Tom Benton reported that the potential additional homestead exception will likely decrease Village revenue, resulting in a tax increase for the Village. The Fine Arts Commission will hold a moonlight concert on Jan. 12th.   Doctors Charter School has begun a dual credit program with Barry University.    



Financial Report: Michelle Brown presented the financial report. As noted previously, there have been a few unplanned repairs. AC unit leaks in the child activity room required replacing water damaged tables.   The affected area of the roof has been covered by Public Works. Wires from the main AC unit were burned. Michelle Brown is obtaining a quote from Moody Electric on the replacement of 3 of the 5 electric panels, as the 3 appear to be original to the building.   At the end of the 1st quarter the Library is a little under spending. The Library received $61.49 from used book sales through Better World Books; the most recent collection of parking meter funds yielded $138.34. It was noted the Library may want to plan another parking meter decoration contest for next year.   Michelle Brown will contact the local schools to get input on how to make the program easier for them to participate. Motion to approve the financial report made by Cheryl Gowing, seconded by Donna Hurtak; motion passed.



Circulation Report: Circulation Report was presented.   Circulation was down slightly from October. Twenty-nine new patrons were added for a total count of 8609. The Library will conduct a patron inventory to purge inactive accounts.   Resident card holders will be reviewed, checking to see if they have been active within the last five years and if their address is current, removing accounts if neither conditions are met. Weeding of the adult fiction collection and the juvenile non-fiction collection continues. Mango Languages usage is improving. OverDrive usage for October was 87 titles. We should continue to promote new titles on Facebook.   There were 693 engagements on the Library’s Facebook page.



Old Business

  • Book Bike Update: Michelle Brown discussed the program with the staff who had health and scheduling concerns. The liability issues of using volunteers to staff the program were reviewed by Michelle Brown, Tom Benton, and Richard Sarafan, Village Attorney.   It was determined that volunteers would be entitled to worker’s compensation if injured during participation and the Village would have to include said volunteers on our insurance policy.   No volunteer waiver of responsibility would absolve the Village from financial liability.   After careful review and investigation of liability and legal issues, a motion was made by Cheryl Gowing, seconded by Donna Hurtak, to respectfully decline to implement the Book Bike Program; motion passed. The Board expressed appreciation to resident John Camp for making the suggestion to increase the Library’s outreach in such a creative manner, but the program cannot be implemented at this time.

  • Green Day: Kathy Redmond suggested the Library consider greater involvement, including holding a book sale at Green Day.

  • Book Sales: Michelle Brown noted that library staff member, Mary Tuttle, has put the book shop in order by genre/author/title, resulting in a significant turnaround in book sales.   The new book sale program will be advertised on Facebook.

  • Fines: Implementing credit card payment of library fines has significantly increased payments.

  • Library logo: Michelle Brown reported that an option to design a ‘seal’ based on the new logo would cost another $150 and would replace the existing seal press. She will move forward on implementing the new logo.

  • Sewers: The county permit to connect the sewers has been held up again and it may take seven-eight months to resolve the county level issues. Michelle Brown will talk to Tom Benton to see if the Library can pay to expedite the library permit. The Library need a formal schedule for sewer connection, as it affects the ground-breaking of the new Children’s Wing, and possibly retention of gifts made in support of the renovation.  


Other Items:

  • Children’s room policy: Michelle Brown reported several adults camping out in the Children’s room not accompanied by children.  A motion was made by Cheryl Gowing, seconded by Toni Downs, to place a sign, “Children’s Wing is reserved for children and adults accompanying children” at the entrance to the area and to adjust the Children’s Room policy accordingly; motion passed.    

  • Music & movement classes: Beginning in Fall 2018, the Wholesome Harmonies program will be moved to the Community Center. While popular, the program has been somewhat disruptive to other library operations and difficult to manage attendance/reservations.   Tom Benton and Angie Dorney, Recreation Center Manager, approve the move.   The program would continue at the same schedule [Mondays at 11 am; Fridays at 10am], but may incur a fee for participation. Brenda Holsing, Youth Services Librarian, would like to bring back Tuesday Morning Storytime for ages 0-3. These changes would also allow the Osher Friday program to start at 10:30 am.

  • Mad Science:   This program will not be renewed at the expiration of the contract in May. The owner, now running the classes upon the loss of the regular program leader, wants to alter the program schedule in order to leave earlier. This does not meet library needs.

  • Visit from State Library:   Marian Deeney of the Florida Division of Library & Information Services visited in November and shared a wealth of information regarding different funding opportunities and programs available to Brockway Library, including utilizing the e-rate program, state aid opportunities and greater use of the Florida Electronic Library.  Michelle also spoke with Sandy Newell, Library Administration/Adult Literacy program manager for the Division of LIS, regarding tips on establishing a Library Friends group as a 501c3 organization.  

  • Public Library Construction Grant: Brockway’s grant proposal is still listed as number fifteen in priority. The State Legislature will likely begin meeting in January/February. Tom Benton has been approached to have the Village’s lobbyist on the work on behalf of the Library’s grant application. The Library should consider making up a packet in support of the grant and the construction project to share with local representatives.

  • SEFLIN ILS: Michelle Brown attended a SEFLIN meeting considering the creation of a regional cooperative ILS [integrated library system]. Four vendors gave brief demos of their respective systems. Michelle has provided Brockway library statistics to be included in quote for a cooperative system. Marian Deeney noted that the Library could apply for e-rate grant to help fund the ILS project.   Michelle Brown reported that Follett, the Library’s current ILS vendor, will offer an upgrade in January that will finally support e-book access from the library catalog.



  • The Village Volunteer Reception will be on Dec. 19th from 6pm at the Miami Shores Country Club.

  • The Library will close at noon on Dec. 22nd and 29th and will be closed on Dec. 30th and New Year’s Day.

  • Puppet Show and Santa Visit: Wednesday, December 6th at 3:30pm

  • Holiday Musical Performance – December 21st at 7pm

  • Music of the Vietnam War: January 5th –6:30pm-8pm. A flyer will be placed in the Community Center and announcement on the Village marquee.

  • Jan 10th: Leaders of the Miami Dade Public Library System will attend the Board meeting to discuss the MDPLS reciprocal borrowing program for municipal libraries.

  • Feb. 14th:   Jennifer Pratt, Executive Director, of SEFLIN [Southeast Florida Library Information Network] will attend the Board meeting to discuss SEFLIN membership options and benefits.


Next meeting: Jan. 10, 2018






ADJOURNMENT: 10: 20 am