Library Board of Trustees Minutes December 9, 2015


Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


The regular meeting of the board of Trustees of the Brockway Library was called to order at 9:30am, immediately following the Annual Staff Holiday breakfast. Present: Michelle Brown (Library Director) and board members Chair Antonie Downs, Henry Harnage, Jennifer Quinton and Donna Hurtak. Cheryl Gowing was absent.



  1. Minutes: The minutes of the November meeting were approved as presented.
  2. Financial Report: Presented and approved. It was noted that labor costs related to wiring the new A/C to the fire panel will be forthcoming, but otherwise we are “on target”.  
  3. Circulation Report was presented.
    Old Business:
         a. Review of Computer/Wireless Policy: The updated computer use policy was approved.
              b. Review of Policies: The introduction and goals portion of the policies was tabled until the next meeting when the director will bring the  Library’s Mission Statement to be considered in developing the goals and introduction.
4. New Business:
       a. Plans for Children’s Wing Expansion – Discussion regarding the results of the Council’s denial of the Library board’s request for funds for a new  study. A motion was made and approved to table further discussion until the January meeting.
       b. Environmental study- The Library Director reported that humidity levels in the library were tested and found to be above acceptable range. The Director was given authority to take the necessary steps to test the functionality of the main AC unit and to take any necessary corrective action – including spending of funds.
The meeting adjourned at 10:15. The next scheduled meeting is for January 13, 2016 at 9am
Respectively submitted: Jennifer Quinton, Secretary and Donna Hurtak