Library Board of Trustees Minutes, April 12, 2017

Board of Trustees: Michelle Brown, Library Director ;Donna Hurtak, Chair ;Henry Harnage, Vice Chair ; Cheryl Gowing, Secretary ; Antonie Downs, Laura Farley


Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 9am

Brockway Memorial Library Conference Room


The meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Brockway Library was called to order at 9:04 am by Chair Donna Hurtak. Present: Michelle Brown, Library Director; Board members Chair Donna Hurtak, Toni Downs, Laura Farley, Cheryl Gowing, and Henry Harnage.


  1. Approval of minutes of the last meeting: Motion to approve the minutes of Mar. 8, 2017 meeting as corrected made by Henry Harnage, seconded by Laura Farley; motion passed. Motion to approve the minutes of the Mar. 14, 2017 special meeting made by Laura Farley, seconded by Henry Harnage; motion passed.
  2. Financial Report: Michelle Brown presented the financial report. Repair expenditures are larger than normal due to bathroom repairs/improvements and the installation of gutters on the library front. The former include new bathroom hand dryers which allow for the removal of paper towel dispensers and the installation of a commercial grade pressure-assisted toilet in the men’s room. Notable expenditures include: SEFLIN eBook program fees; office supplies/printer toner; and printing of the summer program brochure. Capital projects are in progress: installation of wireless printing; replacement of lighting in the main areas to uniform fixtures; installation of new light fixtures for the alcoves. Motion to approve the financial report made by Donna Hurtak, seconded by Cheryl Gowing; motion passed.
  3. Circulation Report: Circulation Report was presented. Circulation figures increased again in March, as well as the number of registered patrons. Thirty-two new patrons were added in March, including 17 adult residents, 10 child residents and 5 non-resident children for a total of 8399 patrons. The weeding of the adult non-fiction and youth collection continues in preparation for the Children’s Wing expansion. Statistics on the usage of the new eBook platform, Overdrive, and Mango Languages were included in the Circulation Report. Ms. Brown has developed an information sheet for the Community Center to post on their bulletin board promoting these new online services and cards have been sent to the area schools.
  4. Old Business
    • Youth Services position: There are no current leads on potential applicants. Ms. Brown asked the Village HR manager to assist with the job posts, sorting through resumes, etc. She will contact all qualifying candidates to schedule them for interviews.
    • Bolton Family Dedication: John Bolton has confirmed that his mother and sister will attend the naming ceremony for the Bolton Family Theater at 3:30 pm on Monday, May. 15th, however he will be unable to attend. He has provided a brief biographical note on his mother to post on the Library bulletin board. The Village Council members have been invited, as well the incoming Council. To date Mayor Alice Burch and Village Manager Tom Benton plan to attend. The Miami Herald Neighbors section has been contacted to run a brief story and/or photo after the event.
    • Amazon Smile: Mayor Alice Burch confirmed that the Library Friends did not incorporate as a 501 C3 non-profit, therefore Brockway Library cannot participate in the Amazon Smile program, as it requires the 501 C3 designation.
    • Program No-Show Policy: The new no-show policy for program attendance where registration is required has been distributed to patrons participating in the children’s programming. The person who raised the issue sent a follow-up email to Ms. Brown to thank the Library for following through on the matter and enacting the new policy. Library staff report receiving more advance cancellations, which has in turn allowed people on the waiting lists to participate.
  5. Other items
    • Summer Reading Program: Brockway will still have a summer reading program, even though the Youth Services position is vacant. The theme from the collaborative state program is "Build a Better World." The program runs from June 16 – August 4th, with programs held on Fridays at 1 pm. Once again, Brockway Library is collaborating with the Miami Shores Community Center to have children participating in the Recreation Center summer camps attend the library summer program. The summer program lineup includes Mij Byram reading a story based on having good character; staff and birds from the Seabird Station from Pelican Harbor; G’s Dream Farm with live bees; the Miami Shores Public Works staff will bring a recycle truck for children to tour; yoga for health and well-being; the Miami Shores Hurricane Jumpers; and the Fantasy Theater Factory presenting a Cinderella tale focused on bullying. All of the programs are underwritten by the Community Alliance Grant. The Library also received a $2500 grant from Unite Miami Shores. The Unite grant will be used for ecology programming for children on Tuesdays during the summer.
    • Children’s Wing Update: Ms. Brown has been working with Ana Alleguez and her team of architects to review the drawings for the Children’s Wing expansion. Some changes were proposed to the original concept to improve the flow of patrons and services and reduce expenses.
      • The Youth Services Librarian’s office will move to the space originally designated for a private group study, allowing the librarian to observe all activity in both the teen room and the performance/craft space. The existing Youth Services office will become the sorting room for donations and collection processing, and provide much needed additional storage. The wall behind the current Youth Services desk will be used for children’s media shelving, moving that collection back into the Children’s Wing Motion to approved the substitution of the Youth Services Librarian office for the private group study made by Henry Harnage, seconded by Laura Farley; motion passed.
      • Accordion doors separating the craft from the performance area may not be installed, depending on cost. It is recommended the flooring in the Performance and Craft area be a single treatment type, preferably carpet squares.
      • The architects raised a question as to whether there should be an overhang over the exterior door into the Children’s Wing. The door is expected to remain locked except for special event programming when the library is closed. The Board asked for a rendering of what the overhang would look like before rendering a decision.
      • It was noted the architectural plans should be labeled "Children’s Wing," rather than "North Wing."
    • Meeting Room Policy: It was noted that the current Meeting Room policy contains no reference to the Children’s Activity Room. A motion to amend the "Available Rooms" section to include the clarification, " Please note the Children’s Activity Room is not available for private use" was made by Henry Harnage, seconded by Laura Farley; motion passed. Further review of the Meeting Room Policy will take place in a future meeting.
    • Program requests: A parent contacted the Library on the behalf of a local group of mothers to request the use of the Library to hold parenting classes in the RIE method for their group. The sessions would not be open to the general public. The Board reviewed the request and found it does not meet the existing Library Meeting Room Policy. One of the Village Council candidates requested the use of the Meeting Room for a community ‘meet and greet’ the evening of April 14. The Board reviewed the request and found it met current meeting room guidelines.
    • Printing Charges: The wireless printing service will require the use of a new printer, including the options to print in color. Ms. Brown surveyed printing fees in the area libraries. Both the North Miami and North Miami Beach Library charge $.50/page for color; $.15/page for B&W. Motion to approve charging $.25/page for color printing made by Henry Harnage, seconded by Cheryl Gowing; motion passed.
    • MS Community Alliance Grant: The new round of grant applications are due April 15. Brockway will apply for $5000 to be used for technology in the Adult Services Department.
    • Village Budget Workshop: At the recent Village budget workshop it was suggested Village departments should explore more opportunities for grant funding. Ms. Brown will investigate whether Brockway is eligible to apply for a LSTA state grant towards the selection & implementation of a modern Integrated Library Systems to replace the current Follett System.
    • Municipal Library Reciprocal Borrowing: Ms. Brown will attend a meeting of the local Municipal Library Directors and will ask that a review of their experiences participating in a reciprocal borrowing program with the Miami-Dade Public Library System be place on the agenda.
  6. Community Alliance: There was not time for a full report. It was suggested this item be placed earlier in the meeting agenda. The Library Board will host the May 3rd Alliance meeting. Henry Harnage and Cheryl Gowing will represent the Library Board.
  7. Library Logo: The Board would like to see a rendering of the current logo in color before making a decision on a possible logo change. This item is tabled until the next meeting.
  8. Announcements:
  9. Cheryl Gowing will be unable to attend the May Board meeting.
  10. The last of the folk music lecture series with Michael Stock will occur on April 20th.
  11. The Poetry After Dark program had 10 in attendance. The Miami Shores Presbyterian Church picked Brockway Library as a community project and planted flowers in the front of the Library. The Walking Tour of Miami Shores was very successful, with a sell-out crowd of 25. There was great interest in repeating the tour in the fall. The 12 people who were on the waiting list for the March tour will have right of first reservations for the next tour.
  12. Ms. Brown will be on vacation next week, returning on April 24th.
  13. The next Board meeting will be on May 10, 2017.


Meeting Adjourned at 10 am.

Respectfully submitted: Cheryl Gowing, Secretary