Library Board of Trustees Minutes, April 11, 2018


Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 9:00am

Brockway Memorial Library Conference Room


The meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Brockway Library was called to order at 9:05 am by President Donna Hurtak. Present: Michelle Brown, Library Director; Board members: President Donna Hurtak, Vice President Cheryl Gowing, Toni Downs, Kathy Redmond and Laura Farley.



1. Approval of minutes of the March meeting: Donna Hurtak moved to approve minutes of the April 11th meeting and seconded by Cheryl Gowing; motion passed.

2. Community Alliance Report: Kathy Redmond reported that there is $48,000 in outstanding donations from Mayors Gala to be added to Alliance Funding. The Village of Miami Shores banned medical marijuana sale sites within its district. Miami Shores will not join in the Westin law suit because of cost. There will be a 25 mph speed limit imposed with the exception of county/state roads. April 19 is Barry Earth Program, April 28 Hurricane Jumpers. Heidi Hughes raised $134,000 for Sylvester Cancer Center

3. Financial Report: Michelle Brown presented the financial report: We are half way through the year and doing quite well as reported 63% revenue, 43% expenses. BML will continue to have sign in and show library card or driver’s license for one hour usage. It was suggested that time be extended to 1½ hours. An additional $122.16 was collected from meters. Toni Downs moved to approve the budget report and Donna Hurtak seconded; motion passed.

4. Circulation Report: Circulation Report was presented: Circulations 4,861 for March. There were 111copies added for adults, 62 for youth, 41 DVDs, CDs and 46 donations.280 copies were weeded (most of these items had not been checked out in 10 years) and 51 books and media repaired. 19 new patrons were added (7 adult residents, 1 child residents; 8 adult non-resident, 3 child non-resident) for a total of 8,610. There were 127 checkouts in OverDrive and 19 total sessions on Mango. We may want to consider doing demos of Overdrive at various Miami Shores clubs. Michelle Brown wants to increase presence in social media and will address this issue with Frances Walsh and Ann Marie Robertson, Library staff members.

5. Old Business

Expansion Project Update: Michelle Brown met with the architect team. We will focus on construction of the new space and not proceed with the renovation of the existing children’s space because no state construction grants were awarded this year. The tree scheduled for removal is back in the plans due to feedback from the community. The septic tank has been pumped and the library is now hooked up to the sewer. The Village is preparing the construction package to go out to bid. Michelle Brown is waiting to hear back from the architect on a ground-breaking date – sometime in the summer. We estimate completion will take approximately 7 to 9 months. Once the bid is released, there will be an RFQ [Request for Questions] process, then a final RFP [Request for Proposals] from which a contractor will be selected.

Computer use fees:   Computer use fees provide negligible revenue for the Library, however require considerable staff time investment to manage.   Now that wireless fees no longer apply, the computer use from non-residents has dropped, subsequently affecting revenue.   Michelle Brown proposed retaining the 1-hour computer use time limit, extendable upon request, as it has prevented individuals from attempting to run a business from library computers. Cheryl Gowing motioned to discontinue public access computer use fees; Donna Hurtak seconded; motion passed.

Subscriptions: is scheduled to be up and running this month. Michelle Brown has submitted a membership application to SEFLIN. As a member, we can obtain a subscription to RB Digital [Zinnio digital magazine service].

Reciprocal Borrowing: A lively interchange took place regarding reciprocal borrowing. Several concerns such as parking, potential need to increase staff, overcrowding of programs were raised. On the plus side: access to museum passes [need to confirm], borrowing privileges at Miami-Dade Public Libraries and other options. Donna Hurtak asked if we should wait until our expansion project was complete. Cheryl Gowing suggested that after Michelle Brown attends the August meeting regarding reciprocal borrowing, we could look at revisiting this in September and have a more deliberate conversation about what is involved. Kathy Redmond suggested that a flyer with bullet points be created to obtain feedback from residents regarding their interest in reciprocal borrowing.

6. Other Items

MS Presbyterian Church Planting at Library: chose to do planting on north side along the wall.                                    

National Library Worker’s Day posted on social media and there was positive feedback regarding the new logo.

There will be a luncheon for library staff on Friday, April 13th.

Personal request: Weekly schedule proposal submitted to Board by Michelle Brown, Library Director. Positive feedback was given and it was suggested that this proposed schedule begin April 14, 2018 as a trial for several months.

7. Announcements

April 8-14 is National Library Week

5th Annual Poetry After Dark – Tuesday, April 10th at 6:30pm

Hemmingway in Cuba – Saturday, April 14th at 11:00am with Robert Dawson

Next Meeting: May 9, 2018

Public Comment: None

Meeting adjourned: 10:30am

Prepared by Laura Farley and Cheryl Gowing