Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes March 11, 2015


Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


1.  The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Brockway Memorial Library was called to order at 9:05. Present: Michelle Brown (library director) and board members Cheryl Gowing (chair), Michael Clay, Henry Harnage, and Jennifer Quinton.  


2.  Minutes. The minutes of the February 11th meeting were approved.

3.  Financial Report. Ms. Brown noted an unexpected expense of $1150 to upgrade the Library’s automation software. The February financial report was approved.

4.  Old Business

             a. Tutor Policy


The tutor policy clarification memo has been distributed to all known tutors who have been using the Library to conduct their business.

           b.  Meter Project Sign


Ms. Brown worked with Public Works and the Village Manager to create and install a sign explaining the Library Meter Project. Ms. Brown is continuing to work with Public Works to create a template for a sign/sticker to be placed inside the meter dome to note the meter funds will be used to support library programming. Public Works will empty the meters once a month and the coins will be deposited in the Library’s account.

           c.  Meet the Staff Board


A sign board with staff photos and brief biographical notes has been placed by the Library Bulletin Board.   This has proven to be a popular measure with patrons.


5.  New Business

              a.  Patron to address Board re: tutor policy


The patron who had asked to address the Board regarding the clarification of the tutor policy did not attend.

            b.  Collection Stats


216 titles added ; 3 repaired ; 2 replaced


It was noted that the collections stats have traditionally been reported monthly, so Ms. Brown will amend the preceding 2015 Board minutes to include those statistics.   The Library received a donation of music CDs for adults which are being added to the collection.   It was noted that the collection budget was evenly split between the adult and children’s collection. Anne Kelly has been weeding the children’s collection of about 50 titles/month to make room for more current materials.

             c.  YA [Young Adult]/ Children’s programming


Ms. Kelly is experimenting with adding Spanish language programming to the children’s tot time.  Ms. Kelly is also in the process of forming a new Teen Group.


The separate fundraising meeting will be scheduled for March 23rd to discuss plans for an evening open house and donor acknowledgement, as well as a separately scheduled family BBQ event, both intended to raise awareness and funds in the community for the Children’s Wing Building Project.  

             d.  DCS-Library behavior issue


As noted in previous Board meetings, the behavior of a number of DCS students coming to the Library after school has continued to significantly disrupt library operations. Ms. Brown has been in communication with DCS Principal Nicholas Dorn and Asst. Principal Doug Garber about the matter. It was resolved that a letter from the School and Library would be sent home to the parents/guardians of the DCS students who have signed in after school at the Library for the past three months. The letter, requesting an acknowledgement and agreement to follow library behavioral policy by both parent/guardian and student, was reviewed, revised, and approved for distribution.

             e.  BML policy updates


Ms. Brown requested the Board begin a systematic review of all BML policies beginning at the April 2015 meeting.   Ms. Brown will draft policy revisions for consideration at each Board meeting.   The Board will continue to review, revise, and approve the amended policies until all policies have been reviewed.

              f.  April meeting


The April Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 8 at 8:30 am.

  6. Announcements

  1. Library Director to speak at Fifty +/- Club on March 16, 2015

  2. Tropical Melodies with Musician, Michel Gonzalez - Thursday, March 19th at 6:30pm

  3. Poetry After Dark – Open mic night with Michael Hettich - Tuesday, April 7th 6:30pm



The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 am


Submitted by Cheryl Gowing