October 11, 2016

Minutes of the Fine Arts Commission held on October 11, 2016.

Members Present:       Susan Ackley                          Victor Bruce

Madeleine Haddocks              Miryam Rojas

Michael Stock

Members Absent:        Neil Kodsi                              Valentina Gutchess

Also Present:               Angela Dorney, Recreation Director, Interim

Leslie Rackl, Executive Assistant 

The meeting was called to order at 6:25 p.m.

Mr. Stock made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 13, 2016 meeting.  Motion seconded by Ms. Haddocks and unanimously approved. 

Ms. Dorney noted that the Commission has $8000 in the budget. 

It was related that Ms. Gutchess has resigned from the Commission due to conflicts with her new business. 

Discussion turned to the Art in Public Places project with Doctors Charter School.  In summary the Village should have been contacted originally about the APP project. Mr. Kodsi and Ms. Ackley met with Dr. Andrews (DCS principal), who said the project is not a DCS project. Ms. Nozick, the project artist, is upset at the slow process of the project. The artist wanted to be paid for her prep work and time spent on the project. The Village has cut a check for $500 for the artist with the stipulation that the artist sign/notarized the appropriate forms. As of today the artist has not signed the necessary paperwork. 

The Commission received a $3000 grant from MSCA for this APP project. Additionally the Commission was using $1500 of their Village budget and $1000 donation from John Challenor.  Mr. Benton has said Village does not want to proceed with a project involving children unless the liability is picked up by the school.   Ms. Ackley will need to speak with MSCA about the $3000 grant that was received specifically for the DCS project to see if it can be used for a different APP project. 

Ms. Rojas related that Luis Valle is a local artist who is looking to create a 'wall' on the existing six foot concrete pad on the Village Hall front lawn. This could be a flat wall or a diagonal wall comprised of two pieces. Mr. Valle creates many aboriginal designs. Mr. Valle's work is included in the Wynwood coloring book; this could be a way to bring Wynwood into Miami Shores. 

Ms. Ackley also suggested artist Leonor Anthony who has an 'Einstein' series to exhibit. 

F.A.C. mtg., 10/11/16, pg. 2 of 2

It was suggested that both artists be pursued to see what each of them could offer; visual concepts will be needed from both of the artists.  Each of the artists will be asked to work with the community in accordance with the MSCA grant.   Mr. Stock personally would like the sculpture displayed somewhere other than at a school. 

Mr. Stock made a motion to create a subcommittee comprised of Ms. Ackley and Ms. Rojas to work on the Art In Public Places project and present their findings at the November Commission meeting.   Motion seconded by Ms. Haddocks and unanimously approved. 

Discussion turned to the Village Hall lobby exhibit in January 2017.  Artist Tom Weinkle is one of the proposed artists (nature and watercolors).  The 'bubble wrap' artist was also suggested for the lobby.   Ms. Rojas feels that Tom Weinkle's pieces are too small and not appropriate for Village Hall.  Ms. Haddocks also suggested artist Susan Maguire.  Ms. Rojas said that the bubble wrap, which are three dimensional pieces, would look good in the lobby.  Mr. Stock made a motion to accept Andrea Nhuch, the bubble wrap artist, to exhibit in Village Hall's lobby for Gallery Night.  Motion seconded by Ms. Haddocks and unanimously approved. 

Ms. Haddocks made a motion to approve prepaying four Egret ads (January 8 unit ad; February 8 unit ad; March full page ad and an April 8 unit ad) at a cost of $2359. Motion seconded by Mr. Stock and unanimously approved. 

Mr. Stock said that Uproot Hootenanny has agreed to perform at the February fireside concert for $1200 on February 10.  They will provide their own sound. 

Mr. Bruce reported on steel band The Real Ting for Unity Day. They could perform for 2.5 hours for $395.  It was suggested that the Commission could display their events on easels at Unity Day so that people can see what the Commission does. Ms. Rojas suggested using the Wynwood coloring book and having kids color the pages and then display their work.  Ms. Rojas suggested using two tents with tables/chairs for kids to color and rent comfy furniture for people to listen to the steel band. 

It was noted that the informational 'fan' would cost $440 for 500 fans and 1000 fans will cost 71 cents each. The concept is good but members are unsure when a good distribution date/event would be. It was suggested just using the fans at the spring concert. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.