November 8, 2016

Minutes of the Fine Arts Commission held on November 8, 2016. 

Members Present:       Susan Ackley                          Lorena Bracho-Mijares

Madeleine Haddocks              Miryam Rojas

Michael Stock

Members Absent:        Victor Bruce                           Neil Kodsi

Also Present:               Angela Dorney, Recreation Director, Interim

Leslie Rackl, Executive Assistant 

John Bachay,  Resident

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Mr. Bachay introduced himself to the Commission, noting he is a bus and walking tour guide. Mr. Bachay is interested in being part of a walking and bus tour in Miami Shores, possibly sometime in March 2017 in conjunction with the library. The cost of a bus tour would be $300. The library is asking if the Commission would like to co-sponsor this event. Ms. Ackley expressed concern about a walking tour due to the physical limitations of many residents. A bus tour would be a better option. Ms. Dorney suggested that the recreation bus, a 26 passenger bus, could be used. Ms. Rojas suggested having both a walking and bus tour but on different dates. Ms. Ackley said that Seth Bramson would need to be involved or contribute in some way to this tour. Mr. Bachay said that Mr. Bramson could host his own tour if he is interested. Mr. Bachay would prefer to do the tour on his own. Ms. Rojas suggested contacting Mr. Bramson to see if he would like to share his knowledge for this tour. It was noted that the library board did not mention Mr. Bramson in their discussion of the event. At this time no date has been selected for a tour. It was noted the main expense would be marketing. Ms. Ackley would like to look into this venture further before committing to this event. 

At this time self-introductions were made to new Commission member Lorena Bracha-Mijares. 

Mr. Stock made a motion to approve the minutes of the October 11, 2016 meeting. Motion seconded by Ms. Rojas and unanimously approved. 

The Commission's financial report was distributed to the members. 

Ms. Ackley gave the background of the art in public places project to Ms. Mijares. It was noted that the Miami Shores Community Alliance has approved using the awarded grant money ($3000) this year. 

At this time Ms. Rojas said that artist Luis Valle would like to construct a 4x4x8 angled structure (painted on two sides) where the concrete pad is on the Village Hall's north lawn. It was suggested

F.A.C. mtg., 11/8/16, pg. 2 of 2

tying in the Wynwood coloring book with Mr. Valle's art. It was suggested that the art be environmentally conscious.  It was noted that the Council needs to approve the concept before the artist can be paid and the project commences. The Council will need a concept that is refined, not vague. The artist's serpent design is liked by the Commission but Ms, Rojas expressed concern with the color palette. Ms. Rojas and Mr. Bruce have agreed to make the presentation to Council. Ms. Rojas would like to contact the artist and have him develop the concept and let him choose colors that may 'pop' more. The cost is estimated at $500 for materials and $500 for labor.  It was noted that a general contractor is needed and Ms. Rojas suggested that Mr. Bruce supervise. A general contractor's license is needed to sign off on a permit and to oversee the work.  Mr. Stock made a motion that Mr. Bruce join the art in public places subcommittee that is comprised of Ms. Ackley and Ms. Rojas to discuss Luis Valle's project and any budget constraints and present a proposal to the Village Council.  Motion seconded by Ms. Haddocks and unanimously approved. 

Ms. Ackley related that subcommittees are required to meet in public, noticed publicly and minutes need to be recorded. Ms. Rojas and Ms. Ackley would like to meet at the library for the subcommittee meetings. 

Discussion turned to Gallery Night. Ms. Ackley met with Andrea Nhuch, the bubble wrap artist.  Ms. Nhuch is using a mesh format with her work and is interested in incorporating this in the exhibit. Ms. Rojas inquired if the mesh will be as 'vivid in color' as her other works. The Commission would like to see a sample of her mesh format before agreeing to the change. Samples will be presented at the December meeting. 

It was noted that an artist is still needed for the April art exhibit. Commission members were encouraged to bring artist suggestions to the December meeting. 

In reviewing the Stuart Sheldon exhibit it was noted that the attendance was good but a bit less since the exhibit was rescheduled due to Hurricane Matthew. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.