January 8, 2019



Minutes of the Fine Arts Committee held on January 8, 2019.


Members present:


Susan Ackley


David Baker


Victor Bruce


Carol Hoffman


Miriam Rojas


Members absent:


Joseph Clark


Michael Stock


Also present:


Jacquelyn Villagran, Community Center/Special Event Supervisor


Leslie Rackl, Executive Assistant


The meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m.


Mr. Bruce made a motion to approve the minutes from the December 10, 2018 meeting.  Motion seconded by Ms. Rojas and unanimously approved.


It was related there are two confirmed food vendors for the January concert and 7-8 vendors interested for the February and March concerts.   Due to lack of vendors for the January concert $225 was spent for sandwiches purchased from a catering company.  Doctors Charter School was contacted and they will sell the sandwiches and any profit after the $225 will be for the school.  DCS will also sell empanadas, pizza, arroz con pollo and hummus.   It was noted that the concessionaire at the Field House is interested in opening for the February concert.  It was suggested showing the concessionaire the menus from the other food vendors to gauge their interest.   Mr. Bruce noted that the Commission should look into having an Instagram account.


Discussion turned to Unity Day with suggestions of either having a balloon art demonstration or tie dying bandanas or shirts.  Ms. Rojas suggested asking DCS to run the booth and give them a donation of $100.  Mr. Baker suggested having a Mona Lisa costume and have kids dress up and have their pictures posted on Instagram, which could be a win/win for both the kids and Fine Arts.  This could be a good idea for next year.  Mr. Baker, Ms. Rojas and Ms. Ackley voted for the balloon art demo and Mr. Bruce voted for tie dye.


Discussion turned to gallery night.  Leonor Anthony’s work was distributed to the Committee for review.  Mr. Bruce has another artist suggestion which he will bring to the next meeting.  


Ms. Rojas suggested displaying information about the artist and their work in a designated area in the lobby at Village Hall.


It was noted that the summer shorts program, which is listed as one of the Committee’s upcoming events at a cost of $3,000, was not voted on with the Committee previously.  Ms. Ackley suggested moving this money to art in public places, which could be used on additional utility boxes.


Council approval is still needed to proceed with wrapping the utility boxes.  This is one of the agenda items at the January 15th Council meeting.  The Committee members were encouraged to attend the meeting to lend their support.  Ms. Rojas said that the Council may want to see the art work that will be displayed on the boxes.  Ms. Ackley would like to have the Council’s approval of the concept of the wrapped utility boxes and then present the actual art work at a later time.


It was decided to revisit the Commission’s name change at the February meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.