January 16, 2018

Minutes of the Fine Arts Commission held on January 16, 2018.

Members present:                Susan Ackley           David Baker

Victor Bruce              Madeleine Haddocks

Miryam Rojas            Michael Stock

Members absent:                 Lorena Bracho-Mijares

Also present:                         Angela Dorney, Interim Recreation Director

Leslie Rackl, Executive Assistant

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.

Mr. Stock made a motion to approve the minutes of the December 12, 2018. Motion seconded by Ms. Haddocks and unanimously approved.

The financial report was given at this time. After all anticipated costs for the year, there is $3395 remaining in the FY 2018 budget, which includes $200 for the sound tech from the recent Moonlight Concert.

At this time the Commission was treated to Hadorem Bennet’s play presentation. Ms. Ackley noted afterwards that the police storyline play is the only story that does not have a good resolution. The group is offering a five play series, with each play aimed at starting a conversation with the viewers. The Commission's suggested idea setting up tables like a nightclub with drinks being served during breaks between the plays. There will be a five-minute interval between plays.

Discussion turned to Commissioner Edmonson's funding request. Ms. Ackley would like to request $4500 to extend art in public places to the west side of Miami Shores. Last year the Commission made a similar request but it was received too late for consideration. Mr. Stock made a motion to request a $4500 grant from Commissioner Edmonson for an additional art in public places location in west Miami Shores. Motion seconded by Mr. Baker. Ms. Rojas noted the best location would be North Miami Avenue and 103rd Street. The motion was unanimously passed.

Turning back to the presented play, Mr. Baker enjoyed the play. Ms. Rojas suggested rejecting the police play. It was noted the cost would be $1,000. Mr. Bruce made motion to go forward with the five play series for an April performance for $1,000. Motion seconded by Ms. Rojas. Ms. Haddocks and Mr. Stock voted against the motion, with all others in favor. Motion passed. There was a suggestion to rent tables to create a nightclub atmosphere. Ms. Rojas offered to work on the ambiance for the event and will bring back cost estimates to the February meeting.

F.A.C. mtg. 1/16/18, pg. 2 of 3

Commission members gave a recap of the Moonlight Concert. Food was a better setup. Poster distribution is needed on NE 2nd Avenue. It was noted that many people left at intermission.

Discussion turned to the February 23 Fireside Concert. A suggestion was made for Italian ices or another sweet vendor. It was also suggested having six fires at the concert. Mr. Stock will inquire if the band has a sound tech.

Discussion moved to Unity Day. A doodle wall was suggested; block of squares with kids coloring the individual squares. The Commission would like an interactive activity to promote interest. Ms. Ackley suggested having the Miami Art League come out with a still life and give people guidance in drawing. A budget of $200 was suggested. Ms. Ackley volunteered to speak to the Miami Art League.   Mr. Stock made a motion to approve up to $200 for art supplies to facilitate the Miami Art League at Unity Day. Motion seconded by Ms. Haddocks and unanimously approved.

Discussion turned to the March Spring Concert. An excerpt from Angel Diaz was played. Ms. Rojas requested that a tent not be set up for the spring concert; the tent blocks the view of the band. Ms. Rojas made a motion to approve Angel Diaz and the band Local Traffic for the Spring Concert at Memorial Park for $1,000. Motion seconded by Ms. Haddocks and unanimously approved. Ms. Ackley will ask about a sound tech for the concert.

Ms. Ackley made a motion to allow Ms. Dorney and Ms. Rackl to spend up to $200 on behalf of the Commission per event if needed. Motion approved by Mr. Stock and unanimously approved.

Discussion turned to the mural on the Community Center back wall. Mr. Bruce suggested bypassing Planning & Zoning and going directly before Village Council. It was noted the item will need to be sponsored by a Councilman to be put on the agenda. Ms. Rojas suggested relaying that the back of the Community Center is an eyesore. Pedro Rubio is the artist whose 90 x 30 Everglades mural is recommended.

Discussion turned to a suggested survey for the proposed sculpture park including curbs, sidewalks and trees. Mr. Stock made a motion to approve $200 for Mr. Bruce to commence a survey of NE 6th Avenue and Publix. Motion seconded by Ms. Haddocks and unanimously approved.

It was noted that Village Manager Tom Benton approved the St. Martha location for art in public places.   Parking barriers would be erected to prevent parking in the area. Mr. Bruce noted that it would be hard for drivers to see any display. It was suggested putting this location on the 'back burner'.

F.A.C. mtg. 1/16/18, pg. of 3

Ms. Ackley related that the pieces currently exhibited in Village Hall's lobby will be extended through April 2018. Ms. Ackley proposed that Ernesto Kunde's cut aluminum art pieces replace the existing pieces. Mr. Baker made a motion to install Ernesto Kunde's aluminum silhouettes in Village Hall's lobby with an artist reception immediately preceding the Council meeting on April 17th. Motion seconded by Ms. Rojas and unanimously approved.

Discussion turned to new business. Ms. Haddocks suggested that the Fine Arts Commission's name be changed to Art & Music Commission or Miami Shores Arts Council or something more inclusive than the present name. Ms. Ackley will contact the Village Clerk about the possibility of changing the Commission's name.

Ms. Rojas suggested having the play series at the Sandbox at Miami Theater Center. The cost will need to be determined.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.