Fine Arts Commission Meeting Minutes - November 12, 2013


NOVEMBER 12, 2013

Members present:       Susan Ackley               Abbie Salt                                                                                            Michael Stock              David Traupman

Members absent:        Maria Echevarri Taddeo         Miryam Rojas

Also present:               Jerry Estep, Recreation Director

                                    Leslie Rackl, Executive Assistant


The meeting was called to order at 6:15 p.m.

Correction to the minutes of the October 8, 2013, meeting. Page one, paragraph six, line five; change Janet Mueller (murals) to Janet Mueller (mobile). Mr. Stock made a motion to approve the minutes of the October 8, 2013, meeting, with corrections. Motion seconded by Ms. Salt and unanimously approved.


It was noted that $4200 of Fine Arts FY 2014 budget has already been committed to upcoming events and there is $1950 in the Fine Arts donation account.

It was noted that Kunde library exhibit had a great number attending the event, but Mr. Kunde was a bit surprised to give a speech. It was suggested that the January artist be reminded about a speech at the reception. A suggestion was made to have a question/answer time for the artist.

Discussion turned to Green Day. It was noted that the turnout was lower than last year’s event. The ‘green day’ theme may have been a bit misleading. There was also a lot of competition with the date since it was so close to Halloween. Ms. Salt made a motion to approve an additional $50 to Amy Arlo, lead singer for Almost Blue. Motion seconded by Mr. Stock and unanimously approved.

Discussion turned to the Village Hall lobby installation of the mobile/paintings of artist Janet Mueller. It was noted that two mobiles will be installed. The mobiles that will be displayed are still for sale in Ms. Mueller’s catalogs. Mr. Traupman made a motion to accept Janet Mueller’s work but if the work is sold, the artist will replace with additional work and give the Fine Arts Commission a 10% commission, which could possibly jump to a 15%-20% commission. Motion seconded by Mr. Stock and unanimously approved.


It was decided to table discussion on the call to artists until the December meeting. The December Fine Arts meeting has been scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on December 10th.

It was noted that the deadline for submission to the Egret is December 16th for the January Egret and January 15th for the February Egret.

Discussion turned to movie night. The Miami Theatre Center has the dates of January 11th and 18th available and suggested that the Commission have a Sunday matinee as an alternative to a show on Friday night. It was noted that Yellow Submarine is not available for distribution. Mr. Traupman is waiting on a list of suggested movies from MTC. Star Wars is not available for distribution for screening. Ms. Ackley proposed that Mr. Traupman, Ms. Taddeo and Mr. Stock form a committee to choose a movie with MTC’s suggestions. The movie should appeal to both children and adults. It was decided to choose January 18th as movie night. It the Commission chooses Back To The Future the MTC can arrange to have a Delorean put in front of the theatre.

Discussion turned to Gallery Night on January 31st. Ms. Salt volunteered to provide refreshments for both the library and Village Hall. It was suggested the Cezar Santana could provide background music for the evening; possibly play on the steps of Village Hall for both events. It was noted that acoustics are not good inside Village Hall. It was suggested the Mr. Santana be put on hold and would be a better option for a single event rather than Gallery Night. A suggestion was made to hire flutist Cathi Morro for the event. Ms. Salt made a motion to hire flutist Cathi Morro for the library reception from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. for $75. Motion seconded by Mr. Traupman and unanimously approved. Ms. Taddeo offered to help Ms. Salt with refreshments at Gallery Night. Ms. Taddeo made a motion to approve $150 for refreshments for the Gallery Night reception on January 31st. Motion seconded by Mr. Stock and unanimously approved.

It was noted that the Commission needs to start promoting the Photo Op contest in December. It was noted that last year the photos that were submitted did not necessarily go with the theme of the contest. Ms. Ackley noted that the December newsletter should have information about the Photo Op contest’s deadline of February 14th.

Discussion turned to the Spring Concert. Angel Diaz’s Santana band can perform two sets, one hour each with a 30 minute intermission for $1200. During the intermission a jazz artist or perhaps Cezar Santana could perform for $400. It was suggested that Angel Diaz’s band take a 15 minute intermission with no music during the intermission.

There was a suggestion made that Janet Mueller exhibit her shadow boxes for the October 2014 library exhibit. It was noted that since her work will be exhibited in Village Hall in 2014, perhaps a library exhibit in 2015 would be a better option. Mr. Traupman suggested photographer Federico Bianchi could exhibit at the library; Mr. Traupman will bring samples of his work to the December meeting.

Discussion turned to new business at this time. Ms. Ackley would like to bring a Summer Shorts Program to Miami Shores. Ms. Taddeo offered to pursue this further.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.