Fine Arts Commission Meeting Minutes - April 8, 2013


APRIL 8, 2013

Members present:       Susan Ackley                           Rosemarie Banich

Maria Echevarri Taddeo         Miryam Rojas

Abbie Salt                                Michael Stock

Members absent:        David Traupman


Also present:               Jerry Estep, Recreation Director

                                    Leslie Rackl, Executive Assistant


The meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m.

Ms. Taddeo made a motion to approve the minutes of the March 12, 2013, meeting.  Motion seconded by Mr. Stock and unanimously approved.


Mr. Estep reported that the Commission has $786 remaining in the Village budget and $5431 remaining in the spring concert budget. It was noted that the Commission would need permission from the Mayor’s Community Alliance to use the concert budget for anything other than a concert.

Discussion turned to the recent Groovedogz concert; there were approximately 350 in attendance, with a great response from those in attendance. It was felt that the community bike ride increased the attendance. There were inquiries from the crowd about multiple concerts in the future. A music promoter for ‘Black Violin’ was at the concert inquiring about this group to perform next year. This promoter would forego his fee in lieu of St. Rose becoming a co-sponsor of the event. The band would still be paid.

Ms. Salt noted that a table was needed for the Commission at the concert. Ms. Taddeo suggested that Facebook be promoted whenever possible. Mr. Stock suggested having business cards made with the Facebook logo to distribute.

It was noted that the library exhibit featuring Patrick Farrell is April 19. It was also noted that the photo op installation reception was well received. It was related that the library board has not yet met to discuss the approval of Ernesto Kunde for the library exhibit in October. It was noted that the reception budget needs to be increased. Ms. Salt made a motion to increase the reception budget to $75. Motion seconded by Ms. Taddeo and unanimously approved.

The revised call to artists draft discussion was postponed until the May meeting. Discussion turned to the CAFÉ website, which can do a call to artists which a larger audience of artists can access. A call to artists on this site has micropricing starting at $500 to place an ad and a fee of $2 is paid for every response from the ad.

Discussion turned to the art in public places steel and bronze sculpture for an outdoor exhibit by artist Robert Huff, who is represented by Carol Jazzar. It was noted that the artist could sell their exhibited piece as long as they could provide a replacement piece

in its place. Commission members liked the bronze sculpture but the dimensions of the piece are needed. It was suggested getting a different picture of the sculpture in the daylight since it appears dark in the photo. It was suggested that a PAC be formed to look at the piece to get their approval before it is sent for Village council’s approval.

It was suggested tabling the library procedures until the May meeting.

It was noted that Octavio Campos was contacted to provide a more family friendly performance but he never responded back to the Commission.

It was related that Dance Now has been approached for a performance. This would be a four person dance performance for 1 hour 15 minutes with a 15 minute intermission for a cost of $1200-$1500. This performance would be a Friday night live event. It was suggested that the Commission use their remaining budget of $750 as a deposit for Dance Now. The ideal setting for this event would be the Miami Theatre Center. The atrium at St. Martha’s might be more appropriate for another event.

Discussion turned to having all Commission members be permitted a $25 petty cash disbursement. Mr. Estep will ask about this possibility.

Ms. Taddeo suggested that the Commission consider having a holiday concert, possibility at St. Martha’s atrium in November. Black Violin would play better for a small venue, not for a spring concert. This could go over well is advertised/promoted correctly.

Mr. Estep suggested the Commission consider purchasing a new banner.

The meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.