Fine Arts Commision Minutes Feb 20, 2013

Minutes of the Fine Arts Commission held on February 20, 2013.


Members present:       Susan Ackley                          Maria Echevarri Taddeo

Abbie Salt                                David Traupman


Members absent:        Rosemarie Banich                  Miryam Rojas

                                    Michael Stock


Also present:               Jerry Estep, Recreation Director

                                    Leslie Rackl, Executive Assistant


The meeting was called to order at 6:45 p.m.


Mr. Traupman made a motion to approve the minutes of the January 8, 2013, meeting.  Motion seconded by Ms. Taddeo and unanimously approved.


Mr. Estep reported that the Commission has $1710 remaining in the Village budget.


At this time the Commission discussed the recent opera recital. It was noted that the McArthur Chapel was an ideal location for the event, with good acoustics. The performances were very good, with about 45 attending the recital. It was noted that the program was too detailed, and the performers did not always follow the program.


It was noted that there are about 40 submissions so far for the upcoming photo op contest. Ms. Taddeo noted that some people/families vote multiple times on photos, which produces unfair results.


Discussion turned to the spring concert featuring the Groovedogz. Ms. Ackley noted that the last Egret ad was too small. It was suggested that the next ad in the Egret feature both the spring concert (4/7) and the next library exhibit (4/19). An eight unit ad will cost $500. Ms. Salt made a motion to approve $500 for the purchase of an eight unit ad in the Egret for the April spring concert and library exhibit. The motion was seconded by Ms. Taddeo and unanimously approved.


Discussion on library guidelines for future exhibits was tabled until the March meeting. Ms. Ackley noted that on Item No. 1 of the guideline, it is the responsibility of the artist to ‘include presentation ready artwork’. Mr. Traupman related that Patrick Farrell, the April library artist, has accepted the Commission’s offer of $200 for framing.


At this time the artwork of two prospective artists for an October exhibit were distributed to the Commission, Ana Albertina Delgado and Jorge Pantoja. It was noted that Ms. Delgado’s work, content wise, is not appropriate for the library and would not translate well in a library setting. Mr. Pantoja’s work was liked; noting it was multi-dimensional. Commission members would like to see the bios of the artists. Ms. Salt would like to see the pictures at Carol Jazzar’s gallery before deciding. Mr. Traupman and Ms. Taddeo like the pictures as presented. Ms. Taddeo and Mr. Traupman also like the work of artist Tamar Zinn. It was suggested that Zinn’s and Pantoja’s art work be shown at the March meeting and a vote taken at that time. Mr. Traupman will also bring the work of a third artist.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.