December 10, 2018

Minutes of the Fine Arts Commission held on December 10, 2018. 

Members present:

Susan Ackley 

Victor Bruce

Joe Clark

Carol Hoffman

Miryam Rojas

Members absent:

David Baker

Michael Stock

Also present:

Angela Dorney, Recreation Director

Leslie Rackl, Executive Assistant

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.

Ms. Hoffman made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 13, 2018.  Motion seconded by Mr. Bruce and unanimously approved. 

The details of the Commission’s 2018-19 budget was discussed. 

Ms. Rojas suggested adding a caricature artist, in addition to a face painter and balloon artist, to the spring concert. 

Discussion turned to the sculpture park. Mr. Bruce said that in order for lighting to be done correctly it will be costly, probably around $2500.  Ms. Ackley said this could be an opportunity for a grant, noting that Ms. Hoffman has experience in writing grants.  Ms. Hoffman would like to meet with Mr. Benton to find out the reason for his reluctance to apply for county grants.  It was noted that caution signs for the sculptures need to be ordered as children are already climbing on them.  There will need to be ten signs, two per sculpture.  Mr. Bruce related that Champion Pavers has begun the process of the bench walkway. 

It was noted that county approval has been received to proceed with the wrapped utility boxes. FDOT approval has already been received.  The next step is for Council to approve the utility box project.  Ms. Ackley would like to contact artist Karen Rifas about wrapping one of the boxes.  It was related to the new members that the cost to wrap one utility box is approximately $1000; companies charge $650 per box.  Mr. Clark will provide a mock up for the utility box on NE 96 Street and NE 6 Avenue for the January meeting. 

It was noted that a contract is still needed for the January concert. Corrections and comments were noted for the January flyer and invite.  In regards to food vendors, Ms. Ackley said that the Crepe and the BBQ vendor were already booked for the January date but have been

booked for February.   Cote Gourmet, Mimas and Anam are interested. It was noted that a Lebanese market is opening in downtown Miami Shores in January.  Another suggestion was Alchemy Dogs which has carrot hot dogs.  Ms. Ackley said that Carts Of All Kinds which sells hot dogs, pretzels and popcorn, has committed to all three concerts. 

Discussion turned to Unity Day. Suggestions for activities include teaching balloon art to kids and tie dying t shirts. 

Ms. Ackley noted that artist Silvia Lizama, who is the Chair of the Department of Fine Arts at Barry University, has a series of pencil art that may be ideal for the lobby at Village Hall.  Ms. Ackley said there would be five pieces in total, two on the side lobby walls and three across the top front wall.  Ms. Rojas and Mr. Clark noted that the detail in the art work could become lost when displayed.  Mr. Bruce noted that if all five pieces were placed together vertically or next to each other, the pieces would make sense.  Ms. Rojas suggested the pencil art be displayed at the 9900 building.  Suggestions are needed for an artist for the Village Hall lobby.  Ms. Rojas suggested fine art photography by Baino and Taveras.  There was another suggestion for Avi Ram’s air brush art, which would be better suited for a library exhibit. 

It was noted that the April dance performance has been approved.  Ms. Ackley said that Dance Now has offered to provide a free site specific dance at the sculpture park the week before the performance.  

In regard to the Commission’s name change, Council member Jonathan Meltz expressed concern with the name Arts Council for the newly proposed name. 

Ms. Ackley said that artist Vered is excited about the upcoming art exhibit.  The library offered the artist the grey accordion frames to exhibit additional art for the exhibit.   

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.