August 8, 2017

Minutes of the Fine Arts Commission held on August 8, 2017. 

Members present:    Susan Ackley                        Lorena Bracho-Mijares

Victor Bruce                          Neil Kodsi

Michael Stock

Members absent:     Madeleine Haddocks           Miryam Rojas

Also present:             Angela Dorney, Interim Recreation Director 

Leslie Rackl, Executive Assistant 

Alba De Abreu

Alberto Cavalieri 

Carol Hoffman-Guzman 

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m.

Ms. Ackley related that Councilman Meltz presented the Commission with a donation of $100.  It was also noted that Brockway Library sent a thank you letter to the Commission for their Memorial Day donation. 

At this time Alberto Cavalieri was introduced to the Commission. Mr. Cavalieri is a visual artist who would like to put five six-foot sculptures on concrete platforms at the Commission's newest art in public places location on 6th Avenue. Mr. Cavalieri showed his proposal of solid cast-iron pieces; feels that four or five pieces would be visually better than one large sculpture. The Village would need to provide the concrete pads. Mr. Cavalieri would agree to a two-year loan. The Artist would need the Village to provide transportation plus two staff. There was also a suggestion to install a bench at the location for people to view the sculptures. Lighting would also be needed for the pieces. 

At this time Carol Hoffman-Guzman introduced herself to the Commission. She is currently working with the MS Community Church to put on concerts focusing on South Florida talent and would like to collaborate with the Commission in the future. 

At this time the October artist invite was shown to the Commission for comments/revision.  It was noted that the work Mr. Cavalieri is exhibiting at the October library exhibit will need a separate insurance rider from the Village.  The current Village insurance only covers up to $100,000. 

Mr. Bruce said that in regards to Mr. Cavalieri's art in public places proposal, the sizes of each proposed pedestal is needed, the Commission needs to see if there is electric to pull from at this new location and increased insurance will be needed for the sculptures.

F.A.C. mtg., 8/8/17, pg. 2 of 2

Another possible art in public places location is the small triangle area in front of St. Marta's on Biscayne Boulevard. 

Ms. Ackley said last year the Miami Shores Community Alliance gave a $5000 grant to the Commission but there is no guarantee of a grant this coming year.  Mr. Kodsi suggested that Mr. Cavalieri exhibit his sculptures at both locations. Ms. Ackley would like to have varied artists exhibit. Mr. Kodsi said if there is no lighting available, the Commission should explore solar lighting. It was suggested having Mr. Cavalieri explore solar lighting in the concrete slabs. 

Mr. Kodsi made a motion to approve the minutes of the June 13, 2017, meeting. Motion seconded by Mr. Stock and unanimously approved. 

It was noted the Commission is out of money in the FY 2017 budget.  Ms. Ackley said she went before Council asking for an additional $2000. for a moonlight concert.  Council will vote on this in September.  Ms. Ackley said if the $2000 is not approved, the Commission cannot have the moonlight concert. On the other hand, if the $2000 is approved, the Commission may need to postpone Gallery Night in order to have the moonlight concert in January. 

The Commission decided to revisit additional art in public places locations in September. 

Discussion turned to the recreation center's wall. The Commission previously discussed having an environmental theme. Pedro Garcia is a potential artist who has done an Everglades series. This will also be revisited in September. 

Mr. Stock made a motion to approve a budget of $750 for the October library exhibit, which includes the Egret ad and the artist invites. Motion seconded by Mr. Kodsi and unanimously approved.    Mr. Stock volunteered to provide sound for the exhibit.  Abbie Salt and Bob Bourne have also been confirmed for the exhibit. 

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.