Miami Shores Country Club Advisory Board Minutes Oct 24, 2012

Advisory Board Meeting

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Present: H. Spahn, M. Wilcoxen, L. Mennes, M. Mennes, B. Brown, J. D’Alessandro, M. Schultz,

               P. Arutyunov, H. Orlin, R. Garcia, R. Strickland and Alberto Pozzi


Meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm


A. Pozzi –

  • Welcome of new members of the board
  • Introduction of board members and staff present


A. Pozzi – Presented a brief history of the Country Club for the new members of the board


J. D’ Alessandro – How does being open to the public affect revenue?


A. Pozzi –

  • In the last 2 years we did extensive renovations to the golf course
  • In 2008 we did 3.8 million, 2009 we did under 3 million, 2010 was not a good year and 2011 we did a little better – current year will be significantly better
  • The weather devastated the golf business
  • Most weekend days lost because of rain, since records are kept
  • Membership is holding steady
  • Tennis membership is way up
  • Banquet bookings are improving
  • Covers increasing in the lounge
  • Renovations in the Club House (New ceilings, paint, furniture, new kitchen equipment, new window treatments, new menus and new silverware)
  • We increased the price of the Sunday brunch to $24.95 and it includes bottomless mimosas and bloody marys
  • In the process of revamping all the banquet menus


New Business:


H. Spahn – No Comments


M. Wilcoxen –

  • The women’s golf association has 19 members paid and expects that to grow
  • Final round of the handicap championship will be played tomorrow
  • Will start the 4-ball tournament on November 1
  • Golf Course is in great condition


L. Mennes – Tennis courts look great


B. Brown

  • Dining Room looks great
  • Golf course looks good
  • Played on Monday and saw people walking on the tracks, should we call in?


A. Pozzi –

  • Call Pro-Shop
  • No trespassing signs are posted


M. Mennes – the water in the ballwashers need to be changed


M. Wilcoxen – Spoke with Trace about finding a rules conference


T. Allison – Will look into it, possibly to have it here


M. Schultz –

  • Heard great things about the Birthday Celebration’s Sunday Brunch
  • Going to participate in the Club’s activities more


J. D’ Alessandro –

  • Apologizes to golfers because he doesn’t know anything about golf
  • Alberto and the staff really understand service
  • Ellen Bonet is doing the decorations for the Mayor’s Ball and they are going to be amazing
  • Has never been to the brunch before besides the 1932 deal and it was excellent
  • The food is very good


A. Pozzi –

  • Ellen Bonet did a great job last year decorating for the Mayor’s Ball
  • Ellen’s husband is a architect and she volunteered his services
  • Alex Bonet provided a great deal of direction for the renovation project
  • Also assisted by recommending contractors
  • We have ordered new tables for the lounge
  • Would like to recognize Alex Bonet for all the assistance he provided


H. Orlin –

  • It has been a couple of years since we did the courts, so we went ahead a did a major resurfacing

             of all the courts

  • Very happy about how the courts are playing
  • Added a variety of new programs
  • Membership is up


P. Arutyunov –

  • Everything is good
  • New wine list is in the works


R. Garcia –

  • Excited about what is going on around the club house
  • New kitchen equipment
  • Hearing good feedback about the brunch
  • Is working in the kitchen with the timing of the tickets as to when the ticket comes into the kitchen to when the food leaves the kitchen


R. Strickland – No Comments


A. Pozzi – Next meeting is scheduled for November 28 at 5:30



With no further business, meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m.