Miami Shores Country Club Advisory Board Minutes April 25, 2012

Advisory Board Meeting

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Present: H. Spahn, M. Wilcoxen, L. Mennes, M. Mennes, M. Gallo, B. Brown, T. Allison, H. Orlin,                                                

               R. Garcia, R, Strickland and Alberto Pozzi


Meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm



H. Orlin –

  • Gearing up for summer camp, we are offering full day of tennis or a full day of golf or combo of tennis and golf, the dates are June 4 to August 17
  • Have had a good season
  • Courts are in good shape
  • Women tennis players are going to have a reunion in 2 to 3 weeks
  • Mixed double league and Men’s league to begin in the Fall
  • Morning play is a tough sell
  • There is a lot of evening play from 3 to 9pm.


A. Pozzi –

  • Business has been good in spite of losing 2 Saturdays to rain
  • Still ahead in the month of April against last year
  • Hearing good comments about Golf Course
  • First renewal for Westview is coming up
  • Gin players will renew, we may loose bridge players


New Business:


H. Spahn – No Comments


M. Wilcoxen –

  • Appreciates the bigger trash can in the ladies room for the paper towels
  • Groups that use ladies locker room do not clean up after themselves
  • Likes that the housekeepers are not using as much Clorox to clean
  • Golf Associations Closing luncheon is next Thursday
  • People litter the golf course, better efforts should be made by staff at litter control
  • Quality of food is very good
  • Lunch service takes a long time


M. Mennes – Sometimes the bartender has to go back and get the food


L. Mennes – No Comments


M. Gallo –

  • Course is great
  • Going to come to the Seafood Buffet


B. Brown –

  • Had a nice Easter
  • Divots have been a lot better


R. Garcia –

  • Happy to be here
  • Likes what he is doing
  • Will look into the issues at the bar and with the service for Golf Ladies


T. Allison –

  • Doctors Charter School Golf Tournament went very well
  • Getting ready for summer camp


R. Strickland – No Comments




With no further business, meeting was adjourned at 6:15 p.m.