Miami Shores Country Club Advisory Board May 30, 2012

Advisory Board Meeting

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Present: H. Spahn, E. Lowell, L. Mennes, M. Mennes, B. Brown, C. Baetzel, P. Arutyunov and Alberto Pozzi


Meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm



A. Pozzi – Is the speed of service better in the lounge?


E. Lowell – Sometimes yes, sometimes no


A. Pozzi –

  • We will work on that
  • In spite of weather we had a good month
  • Thursday and Friday nights are doing well
  • We start bonanza next week


New Business:


B. Brown – How do you promote Bonanza Special?


A. Pozzi – We have the best local golfer database to email specials


B. Brown – I never get it


A. Pozzi –

  • We’ll look into it
  • Seth and crew are doing a great job on greens and fairways
  • Aerification is scheduled for June 11 and 12
  • Summer camp will be starting soon
  • We have several projects on the way; kitchen equipment, repaint clubhouse, replace drapes, replace Shores Room ceiling


H. Spahn – Friday music was good, having music early is better at 7:00 pm


A. Pozzi – Yes, we thought younger people would stay later, but it was not the case, so we are went back to

                 having the music from 7-10 pm


E. Lowell – Luncheon was very good, May 9th


L. Mennes – Howie is preparing for camp


M. Mennes –

  • The attitude and service of the golf staff is excellent
  • We need to mark hazard lines


A. Pozzi –

  • We are deciding between stakes or lines
  • We have some areas on the course with reoccurring problems, so we have to address that


E. Lowell – No one plays by the rules on Saturday and Sunday


H. Spahn – We should have local rules with penalties


M. Mennes – The house on the end of 103 gets golf balls in his pool


B. Brown –

  • The last newsletter did not have a calendar of events
  • Everything else is good


A. Pozzi – We only had a music calendar, our oversight



P. Arutyunov – No Comments




With no further business, meeting was adjourned at 6:15 p.m.