Country Club Advisory Board Meeting Minutes April 24, 2013

Advisory Board Meeting

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Present: H. Spahn, M. Wilcoxen, L. Mennes, M. Mennes, M. Gallo, B. Brown,

C. Baetzel, P. Arutyunov, R. Strickland and Alberto Pozzi


Meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm


Last months meeting minutes were approved.



A. Pozzi – Answering Mrs. Wilcoxen’s concern from last month about the water on #2

  • There may be a way to do something that is not      turf, so it can be drained. Maybe      create a waste bunker.
  • Made an appointment with a landscape architect to      come and look at the area and give his suggestions on what can be done to      the area.
  • Fighting disease on some of the greens, there is      fungus on some of the roots, it did help that Seth caught the problem      early
  • The first greens aerification is scheduled for May      6th
  • It has been very busy month in the Clubhouse and      Golf Course



New Business:


H. Spahn –

  • Friday music is excellent
  • Food is good as usual


M. Wilcoxen –

  • Some of the bunkers still do not look good. Number 15 in front has a black line in      it
  • There should be a notice in the proshop on where      you cannot drive the carts on rainy days
  • Everything is fine with the ladies, wishes more      ladies would join the association
  • Appreciates all that Chris and Trace do for them


B. Brown – Still has not seen the push mowers


L. Mennes –

  • Tennis is doing good
  • Courts look good


A. Pozzi – San Soucci ladies may come here to play, 10-12 ladies


M. Mennes -

  • The Club should evaluate the music on Thursday      nights
  • Doctors Charter       School Golf Tournament was very well run
  • There was a 45 minute wait on #17












M. Gallo – Should consider having a steel drum player on Thursday nights instead of a singer


A. Pozzi – Planning to install a large screen television in the lounge before football season


B. Brown –

  • Kitchen staff and golf staff are excellent
  • The tee box on #9 has a lot of weeds
  • All the ropes were taken down on the course and      it looks beautiful


C. Baetzel –

  • Seth purchased a new tool to deweed
  • Memorial Day Saturday there will be a red white      blue tournament, it will be a fun event
  • Seth is working really hard


A. Pozzi –

  • With cooperation we can keep the course ropeless      for the summer
  • The ropes are unsightly but they are affective to      control traffic
  • The ropes do help control traffic


P. Arutyunov – Has been a busy month in the Clubhouse


R. Strickland – No Comments








With no further business, meeting was adjourned at 6:35 p.m.