Country Club Advisory Board Meeting - February 27, 2013

Advisory Board Meeting

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Present: M. Wilcoxen, L. Mennes, M. Mennes, B. Brown, M. Gallo, C. Baetzel, H. Orlin,

E. Market, R. Strickland and Alberto Pozzi


Meeting was called to order at 5:35 pm


A. Pozzi –

  • Finished replacing the Fence on #2 and the fence coming      from hole #8 to #9
  • Going to remove the fence behind the flowerbed,      Seth is going to redo the flowerbed
  • Going to repair the areas on the cart path that      are eroded from the canal
  • Continuing the work on the entrance and porte cochere     
  • Repainting the columns and ceilings



New Business:


M. Wilcoxen –

  • We start the last of our major tournaments one      week from tomorrow, the Club Championship
  • Anyone can play in the tournament
  • One of the new chairs in the locker room has a      broken arm
  • The old chairs that are still in the locker room,      some have broken lattice work and should be removed
  • The flowering trees on the course were planted by      Irma Fritz, who was a member, the ladies would like to take pictures by      the trees and make a collage and hang it in the ladies locker room


A. Pozzi – We will frame it


L. Mennes – Everything is fine at the tennis club


A. Pozzi –

  • Do you notice anything different on the greens? We had purchased 4 new walk behind      greens mowers
  • We are trying to minimize the wear and tear from      the machines on the greens and surrounds
  • We are going to walk-mow 4 times a week


M. Mennes –

  • Noticed the new ballwasher on #6
  • We should send emails about the member      tournaments
  • Chris knows the rules of golf and can teach a class


B. Brown

  • Front of the club is looking good
  • The new railing under the bridge looks fantastic
  • Greens were rolling slow
  • Course looks fantastic


A. Pozzi – Top dressed the greens on Monday











M. Gallo –

  • By leaving the lights on the driving range, the      Club made a lot people happy
  • The next thing is – we have to get bigger tvs
  • The Doctors Charter School Golf Tournament is      coming up
  • Came on a Friday night and the place was packed
  • Should have a steel drum / calypso night


H. Orlin –

  • We just had the Country Day Tournament and it      went well
  • The Doctors Charter golf and tennis tournament is      coming up
  • Courts are busy
  • Gearing up Spring Break Camp, March 25-29th     
  • The new screens are up


C. Baetzel –

  • Upcoming events are the men’s and ladies club      championships
  • Finished the Wilcox tournament and Mrs. Peggy      Butts was the winner
  • Had 20 people play in the member / guest      tournament
  • Mr. Mark Gallo won the tournament
  • Everyone enjoyed the Sunday brunch after the      tournament
  • Stop by and say hello to the new employee, John in      the proshop


A. Pozzi –

  • Play on the Golf Course has been very good
  • The member / staff tournament was very well      attended and enjoyed by all


E. Market – No Comments


R. Strickland – No Comments








With no further business, meeting was adjourned at 6:25 p.m.