In Attendance:

Alfredo Gonzalez, Esq. - Council

David Dacquisto, Director of Planning and Zoning

Mariana Gracia, Clerk

1) Roll Call

Present: Mr. Carlos Diaz, Mr. David Snow, Chairman Richard Fernandez.

Absent: Mr. John Busta, Ms. Irene Hegedus.


Motion to move the 24-Hour gas stations item to the top of the Agenda by Mr. Diaz, seconded by Mr. Snow and the vote was unanimous in favor of the Motion.

Motion to suspend the Rules but for Mr. Fernandez remaining as the Chair by Mr. Diaz, seconded by Mr. Snow and the vote was unanimous in favor of the Motion.

1) Consider permitting 24-Hour gas stations.

Mr. Dacquisto explains that Council requested that this item be discussed. This is a workshop to discuss holding a public hearing on February 23, 2017. Mr. Dacquisto read in the language provided in the Staff Report. The Board asked questions. B1 is local business, B2 is more transient it has the Biscayne transient and with high traffic. By saying that the gas station is in a B2 section we are clarifying that only in high traffic places. The Board asked questions. Mr. Dacquisto answers that primarily this Board is very equipped to hold this kind of hearings. It is a lot easier for this Board to hold a hearing than the Village Council, during the Council meetings. Mr. Dacquisto shared that there was a request by the public that they would like to have a 24-hour gas station and convenience store. Chairman Fernandez expressed his thoughts about the idea of 24-hour gas stations and the element that it would bring into the community. Chairman Fernandez expressed concern about the local he visited just to see what it was like and found out that there are unwanted elements at midnight at these sites. Mr. Snow said that Chairman Fernandez had valid points, obvious is that Biscayne Blvd. is changing rapidly, from what is happening at Mimeo which is south of the particular site. Historic Miami modern district mentioned by him, he said that those hotels went to the wayside and it became a very scary place to be. Mr. Snow attested to the fact that the City of Miami has cleaned up the area where is it safe now to go there. He mentioned a gas station in the area that cannot sell alcohol beyond 3AM. He knows this because he is currently writing the alcohol ordinance for the City of Miami. Mr. Snow asked what would be a good time for the sale of alcohol to end. He is not totally in agreement with the idea of a 24-hour gas station. Mr. Diaz is concerned about not hindering the business and not getting the negative element to the area. A small portion of Miami Shores is affected, which is very fortunate. Chairman Fernandez says that to him residents come first. He mentioned the element that comes and parks in the area and do things that should not be done in a residential area. He mentioned that the City of Miami is a 24-hour town and he mentioned that he did not like the 3AM closing time for Miami Shores. Miami Shores has locations available close enough for them to drive to. The proximity available was discussed by the Board. The Board discussed what revenues would be gained by the Village. The Motel at the Village was mentioned and discussion took place about all the problems that it has created. Mr. Fernandez does not agree with the idea of a 24-hour gas station. Discussion took place about the hours of operation and all the ways that the 2-hour operation can be done. It can be 24-hour gas sale but the convenience store would be closed. Mr. Dacquisto will be working on ordinances for the Board to look at the next meeting on February 23, 2017.

The Parking Ordinance will be discussed on the February 23, 2017.

1) Village Council request for board to hold a public hearing and provide recommendation on Downtown “Architectural Design Manual.”

a) Consider adoption of the Downtown “Architectural Design Manual” and Village Code of Ordinance amendments to apply the regulations.

Mr. Dacquisto gave a brief presentation on improvements that the Council wants to make to the downtown area. The Downtown Design Manual was discussed at length. There was an outside company that did the study. Chairman Fernandez said that there had been a lack of a buy-in by the property owners. Discussion took place about the code implementation of this design. Mr. Dacquisto said that he took the design manual and drafted code to implement it. The price that was paid for this Design study was discussed. The Streetscape master plan was discussed by the Board. The Design manual for building was the only part of the study that Council referred to the board. The Chairman asked how much this would cost directing the question to Mr. Snow. Mr. Snow explained how this should be looked at. Mr. Dacquisto gave a brief synopsis of how Council went about doing this. The Board feels that we should not piece meal this. Mr. Snow asked what was the objective. Mr. Dacquisto said that the council contract with RMA for a Downtown Design Manual to provide direction for future development in the downtown that would make it a more attractive place for business and the residents. Concern was expressed about the situation of parking. Infrastructure and street escapes was discussed. There was discussion as to the businesses that are already in the downtown area. Mr. Diaz expressed disappointment about the upkeep of the plaza downtown. Mr. Snow’s general observation is the there is no theme to the downtown. He brought up the improvement that needs to be done in this area. The Chair suggests that we can have a public hearing at our next meeting. Mr. Snow expressed the desire to have the Resolution on the Dog Park placed on the February 23 Agenda.

There was discussion about a gas line that was hit at the Dog park.

Mr. Snow asked will all new construction require P & Z approval. Mr. Dacquisto explained the different things that could come before our Board. The Council is looking at hopefully the Board will look at the architectural aspect.

2) Village Council request for Board to Hold a Public Hearing and Provide Recommendation on Amending Village Code of Ordinances: ARTICLE II Local Business Tax; Sec. 14-17. - Required; hours for retail sales.

3) Planning board procedures and requirements.

Mr. Snow spoke about some of the applications that the Board receives that are simple enough where we can expedite them and spend more time with the more complicated ones. Mr. Diaz said that we need to give the public the opportunity to present. The Chair gave a brief example of the Consent Agenda he had come up with at Council when he served there. The Chair feels that this is not a good idea for our Board and gave some examples as to why this is so. He gave the example of a garage conversion and when he asked questions and this opened the door to the things that people will tell you about their plans when asked. Mr. Diaz expressed his support of the Chairs concerns. The Chair said that if everything goes well that each application should only take 5 minutes or less. He suggests that the Board can make a Motion to speeds things along. Mr. Snow agrees that this Board works in an expeditious manner. Discussion took place as to the reasons why this items are discussed at the meeting. Council offered to come up with a guideline to speed up the meetings. Mr. Dacquisto said that there are things that are worked out administratively with the Building Department. He asked the Board that if there is something that they think they should get to let him know and he will get that information from the Applicants. The Board discussed the item where the Landscape issue in one of the applications before them. Mr. Dacquisto expressed the fact that he would like to have the Board utilize the Discussion time to do this. For instance, changes that the Board would like to do in the Code. The Bike Study cost came up in the conversation. Mr. Dacquisto discussed the fact that he living at the beginning of next year and the person that will be taking his place. He would like to have a few months to train this person. Mr. Snow asked when will the Downtown Design will be discussed. Mr. Dacquisto suggests that the Board can decide on the February 23 meeting to have a workshop or to discuss it at the following meeting.


1) Agenda TBD.


1) Agenda TBD.