In attendance:

David Dacquisto, Director, Planning and Zoning

Mariana Gracia, Clerk


    • Roll Call:


Present:  Mr. Sid Reese, Mr. Robert Abramitis, Mr. John Busta, Chairman Richard Fernandez.

Absent:  Mr. Carlos Diaz






    • Considering amendments to Division 17 Landscaping: Sec. 536, 537, 538.


Chairman Fernandez gave a brief introduction of the items on the agenda to include the submittal of Mr. Diaz proposal.

All members agreed to suspend the rules for the workshop. 

Mr. Abramitis went over the items that had been discussed in past meetings and expanded discussion of his proposal.  It was recommended by the Board to move forward with the larger boat storage to allow (260). The Board would like to objectively create a standard.  This is about creating a tool for the Code Compliance Officer.  The Board decided to walk through each item on the proposed Goals of 4-18-2016 Revision.

Starting with 536 (a) (i) Design standards – This was discussed by the Board and the consensus was for low growing plants not to exceed 24” in the canopy of a tree or an overhang with grass limited to the current height of (8”).

iii.  In front yards the following height limitations shall apply:

  • Plants that are ground cover shall not exceed 24” in height and they must be of uniform types (like bromeliads)
  • Flowers shall be bushy plants of different colors low growing types.
  • Ornamental plants shall not exceed 24”
  1. Areas planted with ground cover shall not exceed 25% of grass in the front yard. No limitations in side yards.

The Board discussed the differences between hedges, bushes and trees.  Hedges and the distance from the property line should be within 4 feet or less, this was agreed by all Board members present.

(b) this shall stay the same.

(c) this shall stay the same.

(d) this shall stay the same.

537 -  Maintenance Standards– Board discussion took place about this section of the code.  Health standards was discussed with the question that was asked which is, is there another set of laws?  Mr. Dacquisto looked up the code under Health and Safety section 10.1 and read this section into the record. 

Continuing with Maintenance standards- Section 537 (2) which Mr. Abramits read into the record.  The question was asked is that the Board’s intention is to limit this low ground cover only to areas under the trees and overhangs and any place in the yard you want to.  Mr. Abramitis would like to limit it to under the trees, the overhang to accommodate the shade problem.  Alternatives to grass in areas that are not shaded is discussed by the Board.  Mr. Dacquisto explains that you can have grass or ground cover of one type.  Mr. Abramitis would like to achieve is that the low ground cover would be neat looking and of same type. 

(3) was left as is.

(4)   Section 20-17 of Code of Ordinances was looked up by Mr. Dacquisto who read it into the record.  Parkway/Swale is agreed for the term to be used.  Public
Works Director permission to plant anything on the swale following city policies. 

The Board discussed Mr. Diaz proposal for landscaping and ground cover. 

The Board asked about fountains.  Mr. Dacquisto states that the code allows 1 fountain. 

The Board asked about rocks in the driveway.  They have to be 3 quarter inches.  The Board discussed some problems related to small rocks in front of the homes. 

536 – Design Standards -  Mr. Dacquisto explains that low ground cover as long as it low lying is allowed.  The Board says that there has to be some kind of latitude.  We are keeping what we have as long as they cut it down to 24”. 

Discussion took place about our next regular meeting and setting up a date for next workshop.


  1. NEXT WORKSHOP – Tuesday, June 14, 2016 – Mariana will call all Board members to confirm.


  5. ADJOURNMENT – at 8:15 PM