Planning Board Minutes - March 18, 2015


Village Hall Conference Room

10050 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami Shores


March 18, 2015




Present: Mr. John Busta, Mr. Robert Abramitis, Mr. Sid Reese, Jr., Mr. Richard Fernandez.


Mr. David Dacquisto, P&Z Director

Mariana Gracia, Recording Secretary


Absent: Mr. Steve Zelkowitz




1) Village Council Request: Planning Board to review the current zoning code provisions for fences and consider amending the code; to permit 6 ft. fences in the side and rear yards; to allow board on board wood fences and other options on corner plots, to allow gate and post ornamentation in excess of the height limit; to allow additional building materials including solid boards of pvc and plastic-composite and metal plate.

Mr. Fernandez organized the items in the order they would be dealt with. He pointed out that this is a workshop not a public hearing. In a workshop no decision is made. He pointed out that Mr. Dacquisto had provided pictures. Objection to 6’ high fences by the Board. 5’ fence was the consensus to maintain but to allow up to 12” more ornamental. For example you could have lighting. Mr. Dacquisto pointed out the discussion on our last workshop. Mr. Fernandez spoke about Board on Board fences. Consensus was not to have Board on Board on corner properties. He explained what Board on Board was. Mr. Fernandez compared the Board on Board fence to the Shadow Box fence. He spoke about the way some of these materials rapidly deteriorate. Board on Board fences attract graffiti. Shadow box fences alternate boards. Rarely do you see graffiti on these fences. Privacy is an issue that landscaping can address. He explained the different kinds of landscaping that is possible. The Board asked questions. Mr. Dacquisto responded to the questions. The Board asked questions. Mr. Dacquisto asked if the board was considering allowing shadow box fences on corners. Mr. Abramitis clarified that we are not allowing shadow box on corner lots. Mr. Fernandez clarified the issue. Mr. Abramitis pointed out he would vote against that. The board discussed requiring fences to be painted and decided to pursue that. Mr. Sarafan clarified that the issue of paint would be dealt with Code Enforcement. Mr. Fernandez said this should not be an issue to be dealt with by the Board. Mr. Dacquisto will provide the staff report in our next meeting.

Mr. Fernandez - Move item to March 26, 2015 – All Board members present approved the Motion. Vote was unanimous for the Motion.


2) Increasing frontage requirement and/or square footage requirement for newly subdivided plots.

Mr. Fernandez asked Mr. Dacquisto about the item. Mr. Sarafan said he had a discussion with Mr. Dacquisto regarding the square footage. Mr. Dacquisto presented to the Board our comprehensive plan and zoning code must be consistent. Proposed Section 405 is consistent with our comprehensive plan and Miami Dade requiring new lots on septic systems to be not less than 15,000 square feet in area. He read this section into the record. Mr. Sarafan clarified some points regarding the septic tank view on this code. Mr. Fernandez expressed his concern with big lots turning into higher density lots. The Board asked questions about existing lots. Mr. Dacquisto gave the rational basis for the change in plot size. The Board asked questions. Mr. Dacquisto will have the entire staff report next meeting.

Mr. Fernandez – Motion to move to next regular meeting- 3-26-2015. Approved.


3) Village Council request for Planning Board to review the current zoning for the annexed area and to consider comprehensive plan, zoning code and map amendments for the area.

Mr. Fernandez spoke about the annexed area. He encouraged all Board members to visit the area. We need to start adding our zoning. Mr. Dacquisto answered question regarding zoning. Mr. Dacquisto mentioned that the Code Enforcement, Police Department and Public Works had done a great job in the annexed area in the past 5 to 6 years. From Staff point of view would provide for multifamily. It is attractive to have a choice of housing (duplex). Miami Shores has different zoning requirements than Miami-Dade with side yard setbacks of 5’ to 71/2. Lot widths in Miami-Dade are also different. Mr. Dacquisto proposed that zoning would retain some Miami-Dade zoning requirements and incorporate some Miami Shores.

Motion to suspend by Mr. Abramitis – Seconded by Mr. Busta – Approved unanimously.

Mr. Sarafan explained the extent of the non-conforming structures. Mr. Fernandez gave his input for non-conforming structures. The Board asked questions regarding the amortization of the roofs. Mr. Fernandez mentioned the issue of the A/C units on the sides of the structures. He asked about the life time of these units. Mr. Sarafan answered about the non-conforming. The Board asked questions about conformity. Mr. Sarafan responded to questions. Mr. Dacquisto spoke about the non-conforming structures. Mr. Dacquisto read into the record the code relating to non-conforming structures. Same language can be interpreted a different way. Mr. Busta gave a report of his visit of the annexed area. Mr. Sarafan said that through enforcement we have been able to better this area. Mr. Fernandez said that the single family is the consensus. The Board expressed their concern with the non-conforming structures, no advantage to having duplexes. Mr. Dacquisto suggested that the annexed allow University uses to provide the university an option for expansion. The secretary to find a date to hold another workshop on this topic.


III) NEXT WORKSHOP – April – Mariana will call around to find out what date is best for all.




V) ADJOURNMENT – The workshop adjourned at 8:05PM.