Village Hall Council Chambers

10050 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami Shores

JULY 13, 2017



In attendance:


David Dacquisto, Planning and Zoning Director

Richard Sarafan, Village Attorney

Lazaro Remond, Acting Clerk





1) Roll Call


Present: Mr. John Busta, Mr. David Snow, Ms. Irene Hegedus, Chairman Richard Fernandez.




1) Schedule one workshop per month in addition to regular meeting.


a) Set worship dates for September, October and November. All other months’, workshop will be on 2nd Thursday of the month unless changed.


Mr. Dacquisto confirmed that the 2nd Thursday of the month will be a good day to have the workshops after December staff will work on dates up to January.


2) Future amendments.


Mr. Dacquisto spoke about future code amendments and asked the Board for their input on changes they would like to see.


Ms. Hegedus gave her input regarding simple additions not requiring board approval.


Mr. Snow added that we’ve seen some request for modification that can be administratively reviewed.


Chairman Fernandez expressed concern about who will be making these decisions in the future.


Mr. Busta posted the question of privacy to the next door neighbors from 2 story additions.,


Mr. Sarafan said that we need to include objective standards. Preserving an avenue for public input. As opposed to the application being administratively done. The applicant may always appeal the administrative decision to the board.


Mr. Snow thinks that the intent is to establish a threshold with expansions that do not exceed 10%.


Mr. Dacquisto suggested to create an alternate way of approval. Discussion took place about what is required to be in front of P&Z Board.


There was discussion about how to go about what gets to go before the Board and what does not.


Staff and the board talked about outdoor sun shade sails and the board asked staff to look into amending the code to allow these.


Staff and board to look at allowing additions of under 500 sq. ft. for example in rear yard to be approved administratively under specific conditions.


Staff and board to look at allowing screen porch enclosures to be approved administratively under specific conditions.


Staff and board to look at allowing garage conversions to be approved administratively under specific conditions.


Staff and board to look at allowing metal roofs to be approved administratively under specific conditions.


Staff and board to look at allowing wood construction in addition to the masonry construction as now required.


Paint color. Per the State we no longer require a permit to paint.


Officer Lazaro Remond from Code Compliance gave a brief presentation about the issue of paint color.


Mr. Sarafan explained what the intent of the State is regarding this issue.


Staff, board and Mr. Sarafan to look at what review possibilities still exist for paint color.


Officer Lazaro Remond gave a presentation about overgrown lawn and landscaping. Officer Remond made a presentation that included Section 10-1. We also use this section in conjunction with 537(1) “Safe, clean and slightly condition and to remove therefrom all surplus grass, weeds and other growth and all trash and rubbish and to fill in all excavations and depressions


Staff including code compliance and board to look at amending the landscape code to include criteria for review of yards e.g. Prohibit weeks and regulate grass height.


The board discussed allowing generators or pool equipment in the required side yard setback. The Board would like to discuss more next workshop.


3) Comprehensive Plan Update.


Mr. Dacquisto gave a brief introduction. Discussion took place changes of use. The Board discussed different cases where there was questions about the use of the building on 2nd Avenue. The Board would like to keep that in place so that they can manage what kind of business opens there.


The Board mentioned that El Portal is going to increase their commercial businesses and how they are rezoning to accommodate this. The Board discussed commercial businesses at length. There was discussion about what Miami Shores has on the Code regarding coffee shops and other commercial business. Mr. Dacquisto said that restaurants are allowed and he and board do not review them if they are located in an existing building and construction is not over 50% of the buildings value. There was discussion about restaurants and how quickly they will open. Bureaucracy and red tape was discussed.


4) Planning board procedures and requirements.


The Board offered to provide a sample of an application that we can use. Chairman Fernandez is okay with simple handwritten drawing on applications as long as they have all the right information.


Chairman Fernandez asked staff to work on dates for workshops.


Mr. Dacquisto said that City council would like to hear from the board on thoughts and projects they have worked on. Chairman Fernandez offered to provide the Council with the P&Z minutes. Mr. Sarafan explains that the Council would like to hear how the Board is doing. The Board agrees that Staff should give the report on what the Board is doing.




1) Agenda TBD.




1) Agenda TBD.