The workshop meeting of the Miami Shores Planning and Zoning Board was held at 7:00 P.M. on Thursday, May 11, 2006 at the Village Hall.  The workshop was called to order by







Richard Fernandez, Chairman

Sid Reese

W. Robert Abramitis

Cesar Sastre

Mark Ulmer



Richard Sarafan, Village Attorney

Valerie Bierley, Clerk

David Dacquisto, Zoning Director



All members on the council were introduced as well as the clerk and Zoning Director.

The workshop meeting is being held in the conference room, there are signs posted outside directing any public members as to where we are.

The assigned topics of discussion are delegated. Once each person has presented their topic, they will then become a mini-chair and will entertain questions and/or suggestions. It is recommended the last thirty minutes of the workshop be dedicated to the interest of boats and boat storage among other matters.

A discussion concerning the statue fountain and yard arts matter were requested.




  • Introduce and summarize certain issues the council members have requested the board to deal with.
  • Address four items and get the issues on the table.
  • Sign ordinance; introduce or re-introduce and summarize these matters.
  • Present a summary and proposal for the Country Club issue.
  • Bring forward a wood construction item, front and back yards as well as boat storage and boat related items.



Direction from the board was requested on two points. A. Is the interpretation consistent with what the board believes the code to say? B. Should we proceed with code amendment?  Side yards include but not limited to generators, air conditioning units, pools and patios. A two hundred square foot may be surfaced with gravel to park a boat and also a three foot strip of pavement is allowed as a walkway, but as far as the generator units and patio’s go these are not allowed. Other city codes in Florida and their regulations for the side yard were referred to.


Design regulations and recommendations were discussed using an example from Monroe County. A vision for Miami Shores is suggested as necessary before design standards can be developed. If that vision can be found a consultant should be used to draw up examples of desired building facades and again use to encourage not impose. Rather than construct a vision around the buildings, an option is to create the vision around the public right of way. Creating a vision for the streetscape and how we want Miami Shoresto be distinctive so it is clear when you are in Miami Shores.


Describing how the community has a commercial street but no secondary commercial areas off the main arteries. As a result if a business does not create enough parking, commercial parking will spill over onto the residential areas. One option allows the applicant’s to commission a parking study along with a traffic consultant. Another option is businesses sharing parking based on hours of operation.


Showing information from other districts dealing with nonconformities, it is advised to clearly state there is a difference between nonconforming uses and nonconforming structures.


Discussion on these four items begins with how to determine side yard on corner lots. Should these houses be treated differently? Explaining that the code should show what is the front and side of the house. Comments on the fifty foot lots, should these lots be considered differently than the larger lots? The reply is that it is possible but it also sets new problems with it. Is parking ordinance a problem in terms of the amount of parking being required? There is a need for flexibility. A concern about hiring an expert traffic consultant came up and it was stated there could be an in-house consultant with the cost paid by the applicant. A main concern at this point of time is the hurricane season. Dealing with boats and generators, if there is not a provision for emergency generators then there will be chaos. Generators should be considered as a separate issue not as a side yard issue. How should mobile generators be dealt with? They should be dealt with by using a conditional use permit. There are six objective criteria’s to meet. If you meet them get the permit if not then additional criteria’s must be met and go before the board.


It is expressed the council asked for the board to consider an eighty foot minimum width lot. The board will form an opinion and get back to them. The council does not want big lots turned into small ones. 


The main concern is there are many beautiful streets and property that might be torn down. This is not something that is wanted.  


There is a general feeling that the codes are inadequate and zoning areas that are not addressed. There should be more time spent on the sign codes.


The board discusses an example of a case in another city of having no sign ordinance and the problems that follow.


It is expressed that the board should begin looking at future development for this land. It will most likely take three years to happen. The feeling is this subject needs to be prioritized.


The board discusses how this property needs to be used as a park or recreation area by law. Dade County charter has a provision, that any attempt to change park to commercial use requires a referendum of the county.


The code does not specifically state wood construction items cannot be put in the front. Should this code be changed? Is this something the board wants?


Comments and considerations for boat and boat item codes. Some considerations such as frame, length, height and color; is this something that should be addressed in the code? Twenty foot boats are currently allowed on a gravel pad. There is a proposal to increase these maximum amounts.


Going around the room for questions and comments, several arose. Why twenty-eight feet oppose to twenty-six or thirty feet? The answer was the twenty-eight feet are easily trailable. Are there any concerns as to what happens to trailers during hurricanes? Should they be treated differently on main avenues? Boats parked on side patios should be no longer than the length of the house. But they can be stored in the backyard. Looking for current license on trailers and on boats, all boats should be covered when stored with neutral colors. Several cities have ordinance that ticket boats in right of way in streets. Minor maintenance on boats is O.K. in residential area, and prohibits storage of boats on commercial parking lot.



The Board prioritized items for action:


1) Emergency generators and boats, visa via conditional permits. Come up with more solutions.

2) Boat storage (just on discussion)

3) Land used as dividing.

4) Down town Design standards.

5) Wood construction.

6) Parking

7) Parking ordinance


1st meeting carry over

2nd meeting appeals, site plan


The next regular meeting will be on May 25, 2006


The May 11, 2006 Planning and Zoning meeting was adjourned at 9:00 P.M