July 29, 2020 05:00 PM

Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine Advisory 07 29 2020 5 PM

We continue to track a disturbance that is bringing heavy rainfall and gusty winds to the Leeward Islands, the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico today. Although not an officially named tropical system yet, the disturbance is bringing tropical storm conditions to these locations. The details on the track and intensity of the storm as it nears the U.S. late this weekend are still very uncertain, and interests in Florida, the Southeastern Coast, and the eastern Gulf Coast should monitor the progress of this system.

So far, this disturbance has been slow to organize. Due to its disorganization, this makes the eventual track and intensity of the storm very difficult to pinpoint, especially as it nears the U.S. It's possible that this storm will become much better organized in the next 24 hours, which should increase confidence in the storm forecast. Should the storm strengthen rapidly, it's more likely that it will curve north, possibly threatening Florida and the Southeast Coast. A weaker storm wouldn't have as sharp of a curve to the north and could head towards southern Florida or the eastern Gulf Coast.

Interests in Florida, the Southeast Coast, and the eastern Gulf Coast should remain vigilant. We could see storm conditions in the U.S. as early as this weekend. 

Miami Shores Village will continue to monitor PTC9 as there is potential for our area to be in the track of this system by late this week into the weekend bringing tropical storm force winds and rain. Please keep a close eye on this sytem and have a hurricane plan ready just in case. 

Miami Shores Village will continue to provide updates as they become available. Please visit hurricanes.gov for more information from the National Hurricanne Center.


*Posted July 29, 2020 @ 5:15 PM E. Keeley