Village Directory

Notice of Contact Information for Public Records Custodian

The Miami Shores Village Custodian of Public Records is the Village Clerk, Ysabely Rodriguez. Her contact information is as follows:

Mailing address: 10050 N.E. 2nd Avenue, Miami Shores, Florida 33138

Email address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone number: 305-762-4870

Fax number: 305-756-8972





To get in touch with Village personnel...the old-fashioned way:


Department Name Title Main Number Menu Dial Ext
Police Emergency   911    
Police Non-Emergency   305-759-2468    

Police LGBTQ Liaison

Lt. David Golt Police Lieutenant 305-759-2468    

Village LGBTQ Liaison

Scott Davis Public Works Director 305-795-2210    

Mayor & Council

Crystal Wagar Mayor 305-335-9803    
Mayor & Council Alice Burch Vice Mayor 305-318-9578    
Mayor & Council Sean Brady Councilman 786-408-3912    
Mayor & Council Jonathan Meltz Councilman 305-757-9677    
Mayor & Council Stephen Loffredo Councilman 305-757-8115    
Village Manager Tom Benton Village Manager 305-762-4851    
Village Clerk Ysabely Rodriguez Village Clerk 305-762-4870    
Village Attorney Richard Sarafan Village Attorney 305-349-2300    
Building Ismael Naranjo Building Official 305-795-2204    
Building Inspection Line Inspections 305-762-4949    
Planning & Zoning Travis Kendall Planning & Zoning Director 305-795-2207   4864
Code Compliance Lazaro Remond Code Compliance Director 305-795-2207   4861
Code Compliance Mike Orta Code Compliance Officer 305-795-2207   4863
Code Compliance Mariana Gracia Code & Planning Executive Assistant 305-795-2207   4862
Finance Holly Hugdahl Finance Director 305-795-2207   4855
Finance Sarah Simpson Controller 305-795-2207   4856
Finance Micheline Ellis Accounts Payable 305-795-2207   4853
Finance Elizabeth Keeley Communications Manager 305-795-2207   4854
Finance Leonor Rosario Human Resources/Risk Coordinator 305-795-2207   4871
Library Michelle Brown Library Director 305-758-8107    
Library Brenda Holsing Youth Services Librarian 305-758-8107    
Library Frances Walsh Adult Services Librarian 305-758-8107    
Recreation Angela Dorney Recreation Director 305-758-8103    
Recreation Ann Marie Indorf Athletics Supervisor 305-758-6701    
Recreation Maurice Johnson Athletics Assistant Supervisor 305-758-6701    
Recreation Jacki Morris Athletics Program Coordinator 305-758-6701    
Recreation Erik Olsen Aquatics Supervisor 305-795-2241    
Recreation Mark Gravie Aquatics Assistant Supervisor 305-795-2241    
Recreation Ben Hanks Tennis Pro 305-758-8122    
Public Works Scott Davis Public Works Director 305-795-2210    
Public Works Chris Miranda Assistant Public Works Director 305-795-2210    
Public Works Jim McCoy Sanitation / Fleet Supervisor 305-795-2210    
Public Works Mike Skofstad Parks and Streets Supervisor 305-795-2210    
Public Works Juan Paulino Purchasing 305-795-2210