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Did You Know - A Paint Permit is no longer required.


Paint Permits are no longer required.


State Statutes have eliminated the requirement for paint permits. However, even though the paint permit requirement has been eliminated, the Miami Shores Village Code of Ordinances Section 523 Quality of buildings generally, states “All buildings shall be generally harmonious in character and appearance, including exterior color, with existing buildings in the neighborhood and shall be appropriate to their surroundings.”



The Village will no longer require a permit to paint your house however the requirement that paint color be harmonious in character and appearance with existing buildings in the neighborhood still applies.



Please contact the Village at 305-795-2207 extension 4861 for more information and to discuss paint color choices.

#MSPD investigates overnight vehicle burglaries

Police Advisory 07 23 17


The Miami Shores Police Department is currently investigating a significant spike in vehicle burglaries that occurred overnight in the N.E. quadrant of Miami Shores in the area of Kmart and Quayside.

Unlike previous vehicle burglary spikes involving unlocked doors, in these cases the thieves broke the windows of the targeted vehicles. We have several detectives diligently working these cases and we hope to have these subjects identified quickly based on the evidence we have recovered.

Generally, these burglaries occur overnight and only take a matter of seconds to commit. What we need to do is to make their job more difficult by slowing them down. As we adjust personnel and patrol patterns to detect, deter and prevent those committing these vehicle burglaries, we are providing the following tips and guidelines to help minimize the risk of becoming a victim of this type of crime.

These steps can make your vehicle less of a target for thieves:

1. LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS!! Experience has taught us that the majority of our car burglaries involve unlocked cars. This is the simplest and most effective way to enhance the prevention process. 
2. Keep your vehicle free from desirable articles and limit what is kept inside of it. Do not leave purses, wallets, G.P.S., MP3 players or iPods, computers, tablets, book-bags, sunglasses, money, or ANYTHING of value, inside your car. If there is nothing of value in plain view, the thief will move onto the next target. 
3. Avoid leaving your vehicles’ key fob in the vehicle, your garage door opener, and consider purchasing a vehicle alarm. Many people believe that alarms no longer make a difference; however, they do remain an effective deterrent to a burglar. Remember criminals are looking for the easy target. 
4. If you do observe people in the area loitering, lifting door handles, or looking into car windows, immediately report those persons to the police by calling 305-759-2468. Report that you believe there is a burglary in progress and the actions you see to support this belief. Calling the police can make a difference! 
5. If it doesn't look right, it probably isn't. If you see suspicious people or unusual occurrences, call the police right away. You have the option to meet with an officer or you can choose to remain anonymous if that makes you feel more comfortable. 
6. If the burglary has already occurred, call our police department at 305-759-2468. Do not get inside of the car to see what's missing because you may be destroying evidence needed to catch the burglar.

#WASD ADVISORY - No Contact with water advisory boundaries reduced

MIAMI, June 24, 2017 Based on water quality results, the precautionary advisory to avoid recreational water activities including swimming that was originally issued Tuesday, June 20 that included the Biscayne Canal into the Intracoastal between Broad Causeway and 79 Street Causeway has now been reduced.

The advisory is lifted from NW 17th Avenue to NE 6th Ave. As a precautionary measure, the public is advisedto refrain from swimming, fishing and other water recreational activities for the areas east of NE 6th Avenue to the Bay, west of the Intracoastal waterway North to Broad Causeway and South to 79th Street Causeway including Pelican Harbor Marina and Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve. Signs will remain in the areas being tested.

This is an update to the precautionary advisory was the result of an air release valve that broke off a 63-inch sewer line at 840 NW 155 Ln.


Advisory C17 Sites 1-4 Lifted

Downtown Water & Sewer update

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2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report available for review

To view a copy of the Miami Shores Village Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, please click here.


CAFR 2016


Electronic Recycling Information

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